Soviet Ural Mountains № 44 (1959)

Newsreel №2746, 1 part, duration: 0:10:08
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Menickaya
Other authors:E. Volchenok


The plot of the CTZ. Towards the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Employees of the village. Dairy farm, growers. The plot of the first builders Uralmash. Chiefs-builders and students. The plot of the speed skating and hockey. XXI Congress of the CPSU. Acts Khrushchev. Moscow. Rolling Plant. Construction Beloyarsk. Sverdlovsk. ? The Soviet Union now produces more milk than the United States .... " Selling Christmas toys. Newlyweds. New apartment.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Urban landscape, behind the fence of the factory building.

The territory of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

Crawler tractors.

Tractor production shop.

Workers at the machines.

Production leader Stepan Andreevich Belikov at the machine.

Production leader Mikhail Ilyich Luzin at the machine.

Young women, workers of the workshop for the production of parts.

Master of Alexander Yarin.

The work of the shop, the movement of the engines of future tractors.

Panorama of the workshop, the container with the engine.

The movement of the new tractor.

The Palace of Congresses, on the stage a delegation of the leading production workers, behind the delegates a large portrait of V. I. Lenin.

The auditorium is full of people.

Speech at the podium of the first secretary of the regional party Committee A. P. Kirilenko.

Delegates sit at tables on the stage.

Speech by a woman at the podium.

The faces of the audience in the hall.

Speech of the collective farmer.

The auditorium.

Speech by the delegate.


A. P. Kirilenko presents the passing red banner of the Sverdlovsk region, (to the winner of the social competitions).

The audience in the hall applauds.

The production leaders on the stage applaud.

Early morning, countryside.

The barn, feeding of Pets in the stalls with the feeders.

Brigadier, the heroine of the work of M. I. Kozlenko.

A team of livestock breeders.

Feeding cows.

Animal care, (cleaning of cows).

M. I. Kozlenko meets livestock breeders from other state farms.

On the wall is a framed work plan of the cowshed team.

M. I. Kozlenko sees off fellow livestock breeders.

A milkmaid works in the cowshed.

The milkmaid pours the milk from the bucket into the canister.

Greenhouse farming in Sverdlovsk.

Harvest of tomatoes.


Greenhouse workers collect cucumbers and tomatoes in buckets.

Brigadier Z. I. Bulanova collects tomatoes.

Greenhouse workers with buckets of tomatoes.

Construction of greenhouses.

Engineer Ovcharov and master Sidorov look at the documentation for the construction of a greenhouse.

A greenhouse under construction from the inside.

A greenhouse under construction outside.

Panorama of the construction site.

P. G. Antonov, a retired foundry worker with experience, is hosting technologist I. P. Litvinov.

Book album "UZTM", (history of Uralmashzavod).

Photos from the album.

Pit, workers, carts with horses, (photo).

P. G. Antonov tells the technologist I. P. Litvinov how Uralmash was born.

Uralmash Square.

Uralmash workshop, crane operators work.

The work of the foundry, technologist I. P. Litvinov with colleagues.


Employees of the foundry.

Drying of molds for cast iron castings.

Technologist I. P. Litvinov.

Training class.

I. P. Litvinov at the blackboard.

The faces of the students.

A street in the center of Perm.

Bulatovo village, boarding school.

Boarding school students meet with construction workers.

Brigadier K. N. Burilova with fellow builders communicate with pupils.

The faces of the students.

The building of the orphanage.

Panorama of city streets.

Women plasterers teach the younger generation the basics of painting.

Stone tents, Sverdlovsk.

Wooden houses in the snow among the pines.

Ice stadium.

Skaters train.

World speed skating champion Tamara Krylova.

World Championship medalist Valentina Stenina.

World Championship medalist Lydia Skoblikova.

The race of Valentina Stenina.

Central Stadium of Sverdlovsk, hockey match "Sverdlovsk-Khabarovsk".

Fans are freezing in the stands.

On the ice, the match is in full swing.

The fans applaud.

The match continues.

The puck is in the opponent's goal.

The victory of the Sverdlovsk team.

The hockey players lined up in a row.

Key words

Tractor, factory, passing red banner, production leaders, Uralmash

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Sverdlovsk region [803] Chelyabinsk Perm Perm Krai [763]

Seasons: Winter [823] Snow [834]

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