Ecuador. (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 Ecuador's national cuisine


The plot of the national food (in Spanish).

The kitchen in a private home.

Cabinets with dishes, pots and pans.

The cook prepares.


Family and guests at the table.

Panorama of the rooms at home.

Table setting.

Fruit large.

Guests eat.

Interview with the hostess at the stove (in Spanish).

Chicken legs in a skillet.

Pepper coarsely pounded in a mortar.

Ready meals on the table.

Guests eat, talk at the table.

Spices are pounded in a mortar, coarsely.

Large components for the national dish.

Stoves in the cafe, the chef prepares.

Visitor cafe pour soup.

Leading prepares national dish.




Ecuador [64]

Culture and Arts; Towns and countries

Scene №2 Cotopaxi National Park (Ecuador)

The plot of the Cotopaxi National Park (in Spanish).



Cotopaxi National Park.

Mountain peaks, volcanoes.

Cotopaxi volcano.

Bus drives into the reserve.

Nature: trees, grass, creek.


House with the words "Central Environmental Studies Pasochoa».

Kids tour.

Children walk along the path.


Lush thickets of trees and shrubs.

Flowers and grass.

The birds in the forest.

Forest lodge.

Tourists walk on the reserve.



Fog over the snowy peaks.

Flowers in the reserve.

The streets of the town.

Tourists at the hotel.

Preparation of national dishes.

The old man is preparing cakes in a vat of oil.

Interview with the cook (in Spanish).

Cook puts the national dish dishes.

Tourists at the table.

The fire in the fireplace.




Ecuador, the Andes

Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №3 Museum of Archaeology (Ecuador)

The plot of the Muzee archeology of Ecuador (in Spanish).

Map of Ecuador.

Pacific Coast.

Pencil points to the city.

Wooden figure of rowers in the boat.

The ancient stone objects, carvings, jewelry (archeology).

Museum archaeological culture.


Archaeologist sweeping brush the sand from the bones.

Human skeletons (burial).

Pacific Coast.

People on the beach.

Sailboat, boat, boats with fishermen.

Fishermen with their catch.

Holidaymakers on the beach sunbathing, swimming.

Hawkers with water.

Girls in bathing suits.

Men with nets.

A flock of seagulls at the beach.

Seagulls fly over caught small fish.

Tent on the beach.


Cooking on the fire.

Museum archaeological culture.

Archaeologist tour shows human remains from ancient tombs.

Tourists climb up the mountain, passing by a wooden cross.

Tourists come to the premises of the museum.

Consider the ancient objects, artifacts of the glass.




Ecuador [64]

Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №4 Cotacachi (Ecuador)

The plot of the town of Cotacachi (in Spanish).


Bus rides along the road past the Andes.

Mountain peaks.

Women are busy with the test.

Take out the cakes from the oven.

Dough in a vat.

Ethnic town of Cotacachi.

Street of the town.

People walk past the pizzeria.

Street outlet.

Woman in national dress.

Men in a boat rowing.



Ethnic home on the coast.

Women in long dresses walk on water (wash).

Catholic religious procession through the streets of the town.

Women on their knees.

A group of children in a white wedding dress.

Workshops for making musical instruments.

Sewing workshop.

Shop leather products.

Tourists choose bags, try on clothes.

Signs on the street.

Faces of the girls.


Lake surrounded by mountains.

The boat is floating on the lake.






The waitress serving tourists.

Musical ensemble playing in the courtyard.

Cook puts the plate national foods.

Tourists eat.

Children play around them on the street.

Ethnic holiday.

People in traditional costumes sing and dance.




Ecuador, Cotacachi

Culture and Arts; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №5 Folklore Ensemble (Ecuador)

The plot of the national music and dance of Ecuador (in Spanish).


Street of the town.

Folk ensemble performance in the open.

The procession with the dolls.

Musicians and dancers in bright theater costumes.


Folk dancing in the streets of the town (many shots).

National ceremony around a pole with associated person.




Ecuador [64]

Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №6 Ecuador, urban life

Ecuador, a small town.

River with a rocky bottom.

The bridge over the river, at home.

Women washing clothes in the river.


Flower Market.

Catholic monuments.

Catholic statues.

View of the town (long shot).

People on the street, street trading.

Forging iron products.

Traders hats (sombrero) on the street.

Weaving hats, a lot of hats on the ground.

A boy runs with his hat.

Street vendors fruit.


Many people on the street.

The colorful houses.

Market Square, trade crock.

Shop with souvenirs.

A woman tries on a leather jacket.

Dolls on display.

A woman tries on a necklace at a jewelry store.

A crowd of tourists with suitcases.

Listing of hotels cutting.

People at the tables in the cafe.

Street cafe.

Roasted meat on the grill.

People eat the national dish.

Loving couple at the table.

Light a candle, kiss.




Ecuador [64]

Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №7 Equator line (Ecuador)

The plot of the equator (in Spanish).


Buses run on the highway.

Settlement Mitad del Mundo

(Through it is the line of the equator).

Pedestal with a bronze globe "center of the world."

Monument Ecuadorian scientist Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

People at the memorial.

People are following each other on the equator.

Girl gets head down in his arms on the equatorial line.

Tourists at the podium, "center of the world."

Tourists give out personal diplomas.

Rumicho ruins of stone.

Bus rides through the town (cab driver).

Buses on the route.

City life, and sketches.

Merchant Street.




Market: flowers, national wicker hat.

Woman trying on glasses, necklace.

Hotel in jail.

Green Valley.

Cows graze on grass.

Street shop with meat.

A children's pool, children swimming.

The view from the window of a car on the neighborhood.

Road sign with the names of cities in Ecuador.

People on the streets of the city.

Street trading local products (food, souvenirs).

People go to a Catholic church.

A fragment of the service.

People in the churchyard candles.

The view from the car window at the green valley with mountains.

Pointer to Guallabamba.

Van pulls up to the restaurant.

Tourists get off the bus, go to the restaurant.

Waiter with a dish of soup with avocado.

Tourists at the tables.

Bowl of soup with avocado large.

Girl eating.

Women at the tray of fruit.

Girl eats fruit.

Sweet shop masapan (marzipan).

Manufacturing sweet figures.

Sweet colorful figurines of birds, animals, large.




Ecuador Mitad del Mundo

Transportation; Culture and Arts; Towns and countries; Social life; Domestic policy

Scene №8 The fauna of the Galapagos Islands

The plot of the fauna of the Galapagos Islands (in Spanish).

Fauna of Ecuador.

Map of North and South America.

Galapagos Islands on the map.

A film crew comes into the plane.

People in the cabin.

View from the window of the islands.

Tourists leave the plane.

Stamps in my passport.

Birds and animals islands cutting.

Tourists in a rubber boat.

Yacht swim to the island.

Cliffs, volcanic fissures.

The waves hit the rocks.

Old map of the ship.

Portrait of Charles Darwin (explored the island).


Sea lions.

Highlighter holds multicolored stripes on the map.

Tourists watch the turtles in the aviary.

Huge Galapagos tortoise.


The girl sunbathes near iguana sitting on a rock.

Galapagos konolof (family iguanovyh).

Island birds.

Tourists on the beach, in a boat.

Tourists walk around the island, take photos.

Exotic birds, cutting.

Flamingos on the shore.

Small birds.

Birds with yellow beaks (family olushevyh).

Golubonogie boobies.

Penguins out of the water on the rocks.

Sea lions swim pack, jumping out of the water.

The crew sails past the coast.

The man in the mask in the water, near the sea lion jumps.

Diver holding a starfish.

Divers swim, dive.

A flock of dolphins swimming in front of the yacht.

Splitting engravings: mastering the Galapagos Islands.

Portrait of Charles Darwin.

Vacationers dive.

The hotel, the tourists on the bus.

Women trying on shirts.

Street cafe, leading interviews in Spanish.

People in cafes, walking on the street.

A variety of signs.

Listing of hotels.



Veranda resting swinging in a hammock.

Children allowed ships.

Passenger ships.


Passengers sunbathing on deck.


Passenger puts food on the plate.

The crew on the yacht.

The captain pointed to the water.

A flock of dolphins in the sea.




The Galapagos Islands

Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №9 City life (Ecuador)


Lake and mountains.

Road, field.

Views of the city from above.

The streets of the town.

Catholic University of the building above.

Campus, gates.

Catholic church.

Powerful wood.

People on the street.

A shop window with clothes.

Street signs.

Market, souvenir trade.

Sign "candy factory (nougat, grape syrup, blackberry)."

Confectioners make nougat.

Nougat with nuts coarsely.

Sign "Ice Cream."

Confectioner makes ice cream.

The girl at the table eating ice cream.

Sign and building of the hotel.


People drink beer.

Plays a folk group.

Master cuts wood statuette of Christ the Savior.

Felt hats for sale on the street.

Workshops for making hats.

Girls trying on hats.

Women sell Wraps.

A man works at a spinning wheel.

Woman embroiders the sewing machine.

Views of the city.


Trading hats, clothing, scarves, bags.

Excavation work, men with shovels.




Ecuador [64]

Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №10 Botanical gardens and protected forest (Ecuador)



People, city views (cut).

Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico de Guayaquil).

Tourists come to the garden.

Layout of the garden tour and tourists in the layout.

Tourists walk along the garden path.

Plants and nameplates.

Water lilies and bee large.

Orchids are the largest (many shots).

The car goes on the road, the flowers on the roadside.

Pointer to the forest (Bosque protector cerro blanco - protected forest White Mountain).

Card with the city of Guayaquil and the White Mountain forests.

The territory of the forest.

Trees, flowers, birds, and insects.





Ecuador, Guayaquil

Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №11 Xylophone made of bamboo, traditional dances (Ecuador)


The river, green hills.

Children bathe in the river, laughing (lots of shots).

Women washing clothes in the river.

Boat floating on the river.

The coastal village, top view (Digest).

Local people in the street.

Workshops for making musical instruments.

GM makes a bamboo xylophone, plays on it.

In the studio drums, hats on the wall.

Hanging clothes.

River view from the window.

Woman tells of bamboo.

Preparing the scene for the show.

Children carry chairs.


Many spectators.

On stage, different ensembles performing traditional dances (many shots).




Ecuador [64]

Culture and Arts; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №12 Flying over Ecuador

TV studio.

Leading to communicate with guests (in Spanish)

it is a light aircraft flying.

The plot of the flight over Ecuador.

Light aircraft flying over fields.

Titles "Flight of the Condor." Image of a bird - the Andean condor.

The river with steep banks with a bird's eye view.

Map of Ecuador.

View of the green valleys and forests from the top.

View of the crater at the top.

Snow-covered mountain peaks, volcanoes.

Types of coast from the top (many frames), map of Ecuador.

The operator removes the helicopter taking off.

Types of valleys of the helicopter.

Operator with a video camera.

Helicopter in the air.

The operator removes the open door of the helicopter.

The river, the forest above.

The helicopter landed.




Ecuador [64]

Transportation; Media; Ecology; Towns and countries

Scene №13 Petrified Forest in Ecuador


Views of the city, the people in the streets.

Cars on the highway.

A pointer to a forest / park (Bosque petrificado puyango - petrified wood).

Forest undergrowth, the river.

The reserve.

Car passes through the barrier.

Local residents of the reserve.

Porch, a young man singing with a guitar.

Visitors to the reserve are on a rocky path.

Pointer to the Spanish «Sendero de los ajos».

Leading sits on fossilized tree trunk, said the Forest (in Spanish).

Petrified tree trunks, stumps and debris (many shots)

Pointer to the Spanish "Tronco petrificado gigante» (trunk petrified giant).

Leading tells about fossils (in Spanish).

Tourists walk through the woods.

A huge tree, tourists embrace the trunk.

Index "Al soldado desconocido» (tomb of the unknown soldier).

Forest Hotel, houses.

Tourists on the river.

Flowers, trees.


The boys in the river.


Tent by the river.

The moon in the night sky.




Ecuador [64]

Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №14 Holidays at the ocean (Ecuador)

Ecuador ocean.

A lot of frames with vacationers.

Life sketches of tourists.

Adults, children.

Coastal hotels, cafes, etc.




Ecuador [64]

Transportation; Youth; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life

Scene №15 Trip on the river and the equatorial forest (Ecuador)

Tourists leave the plane.

Ride the bus, get off the bus.

Tourists sit on the boat.

Tourists float down the river by boat, motor boat.

Come ashore.

Tourists walk on the wet equatorial forest.

Insects, butterflies.

Tourists look at the monkey.

Tourists float down the river in a canoe.

Aquatic weeds.

Tourists walk through the woods, taking pictures, talking on the radio.

Motor boat floats on the river (long shot, top view).

Local fishermen pulling out at the line a huge fish.

Tourists on a boat swim to the steamer, come on board.

Tourists drink beverages on the boat.

National dish, cook on a ship.


Thickets, water.


Tourists in a boat looking through a telescope, binoculars.

Tourists at the museum.

Men (the locals) are rowing in a boat on the river.

In boats with small children.

Women (local) have small children.

Sunset over the river.




Ecuador [64]

Transportation; Youth; Ecology; Towns and countries; Social life