Terrorism.Series 2 (2012)

Documentary №27833, 2 films, duration: 0:25:51
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Voznesenskij I.
Screenwriters:Majackaya O.
Camera operators:Davidov D.


A reflection film about the origins and methods of combating terrorism.

Series №2 The second film: Practice.

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the sky flying aircraft.

Skyscrapers in New York.


Flags in front of the UN building.

UN meeting.

The truck carries a long-range missile.


Crying baby.

The explosion collapsed the building.

Looking girl in hijab.

Teenager on the beach.

Plane takes off.

Pilot in a protective suit.


Military helicopters.

A group of armed men.


Anti-aircraft gun.


People watching clouds of smoke.

A series of explosions.

War plane.

Shootout aircraft in the air.

A fragment of an interview with O.M.Hlobustovym.

Dispersal demonstrations by the British military.

Burning houses, looting take away the furniture.

Courtyard falls bottle with an incendiary mix.

People around the corpse, covered with a cloth.


Barbed wire against the sky.

Muslim militants in the mountains along the trail are women with children.

Weapons and ammunition on the ground.

Photos from the airport in Tel Aviv.

A fragment of an interview with E.M.Antashkevichem.

Riots in Algeria.

Excerpt video interviews with Palestinian terrorists.

Riots in the streets, burning houses, dispersed military civilians.

The US military.

Loading a bomb on the plane.

Military aircraft.

USA map with marks.

Alternation: photographs of performances JFK, Algerian riots.

A fragment of an interview with S.A.Goncharovym.

Pages of newspapers with pictures.

Riots in Peshawar.

The baby's face.

The gun in the hands of a child.

Dissolve: political unrest, the map of Africa.

People burn the flags of America and England.

Young people shoot into the air with automatic weapons.

The explosion on the road.

Tells O.M.Hlobustov.

Alternation: tells E.M.Antashkevich photos.

People on the side of the road.

Painting dedicated to American Revolutionary War.


Cruise ship "Achille Lauro", captured by Palestinian terrorists in October 1985 year.

People walking on the street between the houses.

Minaret at the end of the street.

Dissolve: books on the shelves, an elderly man reading the table, the pages of the book.


Muslim prayer.

Che Guevara down the plane.

The conversation with the journalist of Che Guevara.

Alternation: S.A.Goncharova statements and O.M.Hlobustova photos.

Demonstrators protest.

Discounted homes.

Press terrorists.


People throw stones at police.

Opinions E.M.Antashkevicha O.M.Hlobustova and terrorism.

Advertisements wanted people.

Photo robots.

People near their homes (shooting from the car).

Muslim leader appeals to listeners.

Brings down the house exploded.

Weeping women.

A crowd of people outside the fence.

Russian policeman with a dog come into the house.

People around the graves of the fallen soldiers.

Those people present at the funeral E.M.Antashkevich.

Alternation: S.A.Goncharov talks about genetics, the color scheme of the human brain.

Militants in the mountains.

Kids with weapons in their hands.

Training camp militants.

People on the coast.

The man with the camera.

Alternating with the influx of: operating the camera, with the image of the military personnel and civilians.

Militants in the trenches.

Alternation: tells E.M.Antashkevich photos.

The meeting of Muslim leaders.

United States, meeting at the White House.

View of the roofs of houses.

Man adjusts plate connection.

Devices of satellite communications in the midst of military fortifications.

The data on the computer monitor.


The man opens the door of the van.

Alternation: video interview excerpts with Muslim leaders, photography. S.A.Goncharov and E.M.Antashkevich of the Internet space.

Excerpts video interviews with terrorists.


Passengers boarding the plane.

Man looking through binoculars.

Action with a walkie-talkie.

Tells E.M.Antashkevich.

Photos of the online magazine "Inspire".

Lights spilled gasoline, runs through people.

An excerpt from an interview with a terrorist.

Author log Samir Khan.

Quote from the article. O.M.Hlobustov talks about the legislation in the field of media.

Al-Qaeda militants go on the road.

Standing by the road woman hugging a girl.

Children ride in the park.

Muslim women bathing in the sea.

Tent camp on the beach.

In the sky flying supersonic aircraft.

The explosions on the streets, people flee.

People in the prayers.

Tells O.M.Hlobustov.

In the hospital corridor on a gurney driven by a teenage girl.

A person crying girl.

People in the Hall of Remembrance in Beslan.

Students on the traditional ruler of the 1st of September.

Terrorist camps.

Alternating: the spiritual leaders of the various organizations are turning to the people, the faces of people.

Riots at the walls of the Moscow Kremlin.

Tells S.A.Goncharov.

Passenger plane in the sky. E.M.Antashkevich talks about the terrorist attacks.

Panorama of Moscow.

Man is in the spotlight.

Rescuers removed the bodies, apart the rubble, provide assistance to the injured.

Fragments of the video interview with terrorists.

The motorcade terrorists camouflaged vehicles.

Flowers at the fence representative of North Ossetia.



Antashkevich EM - Literary and social activist, a veteran of the state security organs. Goncharov SA - Retired colonel, president of the Association of Veterans of Alfa. Hlobustov OM - Historian, sociologist, writer, PhD, professor of Moscow State University, a senior fellow at the Academy of the FSB. Guevara de la Serna ER (Ernesto Che Guevara) - Cuban statesman, revolutionary.

Calendar: 1970s-2010s

Locations: Russia [1] Moscow [820] Republic of North Ossetia-Alania [751] USA [851] Afghanistan [250] England [67] Ireland [107] Palestine [170] Israel [109] Algeria [4] Pakistan [168] Vietnam [240]

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