Foreign newsreels № 5555 (1978)

News №27851,
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized

Temporary description:

Italy - European Championships in Athletics. Beg. Milan, March 12. Italy - European Athletics Indoor. Beg. Competition. Women. Milan, March 11. England - Meeting Tito with British Prime Minister Callaghan. Antititovskaya Democracy in London. The City of London, March 11. Italy - President George Leone takes the oath of the new Christian Democratic Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Andreotti. The city of Rome, March 13. Pakistan - the jail before the beginning of the trial of former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Lahore, March 11. USA - Statement of U.S. Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young on TV about the debate in the Security Council on Rhodesia. New York City, March 12. Cyprus - A scene at the courthouse where the trial should be held by two Arabs who were accused in the murder of Egyptian journalist Sibal. Nicosia, March 10. Kenya - Somali diplomat at the press conference said that in the battle of Jijiga on the side of Ethiopia participated Soviet and Cuban troops and planes. City of Nairobi, March 9. ITALY - The trial of members of a terrorist organization "Red Brigades". At the courthouse. Turin, March 11. USA - The attempt to catch escaped from the zoo hippo. California City, March 11. Holland - soldiers and police cordoning off the area where there is a government building with hostages South American extremists. Assen, March 13. Egypt - Speech by Sadat before the assembled crowd during a trip to Upper Egypt. City of Beni Suef, March 14. India - Prime Minister's talks with Desai, vice president of North Korea. City of Delhi, March 15. France - Special Report on the activities of President Vladimir G. d'Estaing. France, Algeria, 1974-1978 year. Argentina - Relatives of prisoners outside the prison after the riot that killed 60 inmates. City of Buenos Aires, March 14. England - Football. The meeting between the teams Liverpool and Benidzhitsa (Hungary) at the European Cup. Liverpool, on March 15. Brazil - Brazilian players preparation for the match for the world championship in Argentina. March 12. UN - Statement by U.S. Ambassador to the UN Security Council meeting on Rhodesia. Statement by the British Ambassador. March 14. France - Mitterrand, the Socialist leader, voters - workers Parisian factories. R. Barr, Health Minister and other ministers at the Elysee Palace. The city of Paris, March 15.

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