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Bulgaria - Sliven District. Monuments to the heroes-liberators of Turkish rule. Paintings, photographs revolutionaries Sliven District. Industrial enterprises of Sliven District: Textile Mill "D. Dimitrov, "Machine-Building Plant" Victory "that produce parts for the automobile" KAMAZ ", Crystal Factory" B. Mosquitoes. " Bulgaria - An exhibition of children's drawings, dedicated space, organized by the House of Soviet Science and Culture in Sofia. Ethiopia - Traces of the devastation in Jijiga after Ethiopian troops liberated the city from the Somalis. Jijiga town, March 10. Bolivia - Chilean diplomatic mission before flying to Santiago after Bolivia broke off diplomatic relations with Chile. The city of La Paz, March 18. England - Auto racing. Silverstone City, March 19. Zaire - The trial of 13 soldiers and civilians who took part in a plot to overthrow President Mobutu. Imposition of death sentence. The city of Kinshasa, March 17. Argentina - Football. Meeting of the teams of Argentina and Peru. City of Buenos Aires, March 19. Turkey - The funeral of the students who were killed in an explosion at the University. Police monitor machines in search of extremists. Istanbul, March 17. Ethiopia. - Stay in Ethiopian Foreign Minister of Cuba. Area of ​​Addis Ababa, March 17. Cyprus - The trial of two Arabs who were accused in the murder of Egyptian journalist Sibal. Nicosia, March 17. Ethiopia - Soviet tanks and aircraft involved in military operations in Eritrea. Asmar district. Somalia - Arrival of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia. Minic arrives in Somalia for talks with President Barre. Mogadishu, March 16. Bangladesh - Industrial Fair. Dhaka, March 14. Egypt - Foreign Minister Kamel at the special session of the National Assembly that the Israeli incursion into southern Lebanon will become an obstacle to a just settlement in the Middle East. Cairo, March 19. India - Special Report of the late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. March 1977 - February 1978. Turkey - Police at the building where the shooting occurred with extremists planted a bomb at the university, resulting in six students were killed. Istanbul, March 16. USA - Arrival of Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin in New York with a five-day visit. Begin speaking to reporters. New York City, March 19. Spain - The representatives of the Madrid Association of Civil Rights, speaking at a press conference call to boycott the World Cup in Argentina. Madrid, March 16. South Africa - The leader of the Zulu Butlezi answer reporters' questions about apartheid and how to eliminate it. City of Cape Town, 13 March.