Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5560

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Lebanon, Egypt - President A. Sadat, in a conversation with the American MPs Japan - Sumo wrestlers are playing different games with students. Osaka. Syria - The signing of an economic agreement between the Soviet Union and Syria. On the Soviet side signs S. Skachkov, chairman of the State Committee for Economic Affairs, the Syrian Minister of Planning J. Haran. Damascus, March 13. Turkey - Police continue to search for the killer of six students who died in the bomb blast at university. Istanbul, 17 and 19 March. Argentina - Special report on the biennial as president of Argentina, General H. Videla. 1975-1977 year. Italy - The police continue to search for the kidnappers leader of the Christian Democrats, Aldo Lebrun. Church Service guards the memory of those killed during the kidnapping of Aldo Lebrun. Different regions of Italy. 20-21 March. Argentina - football match between the teams of Argentina and Germany. City of Buenos Aires. March 21. France - Prime Minister R. Barr leaves the Elysee Palace after the first cabinet meeting after the general elections. The city of Paris, March 22. Japan - a demonstration model of the new fast train. The city of Tokyo. March 22. Tanzania - U.S. Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young arrives for talks with President JK Nyerere. The start of negotiations at the presidential residence. The city of Dar es Salaam. March 21. Ethiopia - Talks Cuban delegation headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs with Ethiopian leaders. Addis Ababa, March 19. Kenya - Final preparations for safari riders in 1978. City of Nairobi. Argentina - Meeting in field hockey World Cup between the teams of England and Australia. City of Buenos Aires, March 22. United Nations - France - United States - Organization of the United Nations International Year begins the struggle against apartheid. From: UNESCO building in Paris, UNESCO Conference: a demonstration in front of the UN headquarters in New York. March 21. Turkey - Police on the spot death of students at the University. The funeral of the five workers killed by leftist extremists. Istanbul, 16 and 20 March. France - Liberian tanker "Amoco Cadiz", stranded off the coast of France. Slick moving to Brittany. Bad weather hinders rescue work. March 22.