Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5561

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France - tanker "Amoco Cadiz" aground near Brittany. Special ships are trying to protect the flow of nefti.17 March. Mauritania - A refugee camp from the areas affected by the drought. Nouakchott City, 19-22 March. Nigeria - Annual festival in Argungu fishing. City Argungu, Sokoto State. France - Voting at the polling stations. The second round of the general elections. The city of Paris, March 19. France - Meeting of the leaders of the left and ultra-right parties to develop joint tactics during elections before the second round of general elections. The city of Paris, on 13 and 14 March. France - Pre-election rally Chirac. The presidium of Jacques Cousteau. Polling stations are ready to vote. The city of Paris, 8 and 9 March. France - Leaders of the left and right parties (Jacques Marchais, J. Imrak, R. Barr, Mitterrand) briefed reporters with estimates of the first round of the general elections. The city of Paris. March 13. France - The first round of the general elections - vote: President Jean d'Estaing, Marsha J., Prime Minister R. Barr, Socialist Francois Mitterrand. The city of Paris, March 12. France - Leader gallistov J. Imrak and Socialist leader Francois Mitterrand commented results of the general elections. The city of Paris, March 19. USA - President Carter announces on TV solution deputy miners about the end of the strike. Solutions comments union leaders miners Miller and representative of the coal company "Pitson Coal Company." The city of Washington, February 24. England - The police guarding the area where members of the National Front holding their pre-election rally. Barkinsaynd City, February 25. Australia - the invasion of sharks deserted beaches of Sydney. Sydney, March 15. India - Effects of Hurricane, flown to Delhi. City of Delhi, March 18. Italy - Cardinal Ugo Poletti performs annual Easter ritual at St. John (St, John). The city of Rome, March 23. Vatican City - Pope Paul VI celebrates Mass steps of the basilica of St. Peter. March 26. USA - Union representatives miners after returning from Washington are trying to persuade the miners at a rally in Rabin Creek agree to the terms of the contract concluded between the employers and the Union of Miners, the termination of the strike. West Virginia, on February 28. France - An exhibition of works from the sugar museum of decorative arts in Paris. The city of Paris, February 23.