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Namibia - Chronicle story Kapuuo memory leader, who was killed March 27, 1978 in Katatura.21 October 1975 - 22 August 1976. Arab League - Egypt - Meeting of Foreign Ministers, members of the Arab League, on the need to resolve the differences between Arab countries on the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Middle East. Somalia - U.S. envoy R. Muus and finance minister of Somalia signed an agreement to provide U.S. assistance to Somalia in the amount of $ 7 million. Mogadishu, March 20. Rhodesia - Ian Smith, the first multiracial chairman of the executive board, at a press conference. Sithole answers questions. Salisbury, 21/22 March. Algeria - Representatives of the Polisario Front at a press conference in Algeria accused France of continued military involvement in the Western Sahara. Algiers, March 27. Portugal - The meeting of the International Union of parliament from 75 countries. Lisbon, March 28. United States - Special Report on Martin Luther King and the situation of blacks in 10 years after the murder of King. USA (various districts) and Zambia. 1968-1977 years Arab League - Egypt - The meeting of the Arab League. Cairo, March 28. Argentina - The celebration of the anniversary of the coup. City of Buenos Aires, March 27. Italy - The courtroom, where the trial of members of the "Red Brigades". Police continue to search for the kidnapped Aldo Libro, a meeting of the Christian Democrats. Turin and Rome, March 29. Venezuela - A one-day visit of U.S. President George Carter in Venezuela. Caracas, March 29. Israel - Jerusalem - Interview with Lieutenant-General of the UN forces to maintain peace in the Middle East. March 29. France - Socialist Party leader Francois Mitterrand told reporters about his meeting and talks with President Valery Giscard d'Estaing. The city of Paris, March 28. Lebanon - Israeli troops to restore the destroyed homes in southern Lebanon. March 27. Rhodesia - Interview a leader of nationalist Sithole the agreement reached between black nationalists and the government of Ian Smith. Salisbury, March 27.

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