Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5568

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Bulgaria - Shop factory electro equipment "Friendship" in the town of Vratsa. Devices manufactured partly sent to SSSR.Bolgariya - New textile factory "Nikola Bazhanov" - Workshop Factory: Works team of Hero of Socialist Labor A. Demitrovoy. Yugoslavia - to the airport in Bataynika President Tito of Yugoslavia in the United States. Yugoslavia - City and County hog. Report on the city. Plants: tire, shoe. Training courses for majors. Typography. Children in kindergarten. City. Czechoslovakia - Installation of television relay stations at the top of Black Mountain. (Transmission apparatus set from Poland). Czechoslovakia - Electronic engineering analyzes the results of melting in the enterprise, "Poldi" Drzhin Kladno. At the new plant introduced a process of continuous sewing. Vietnam - Building Plant in Hanoi, built by the Soviet Union. Shop factory, which produces press and machines. Working youth brigade. Order, awarded by President of the Republic, for the labor progress. Germany, the Netherlands - Snow drifting in Germany. Snow machines. Animals in the forest, devoid of food, come close to dwellings. Holland, 1953 - Flooding. Dam had burst. Houses and vehicles under water (shot from above). Rescue work. Evacuation of residents. Construction of powerful dams. Bulgaria - A meeting with the filmmakers T. Zhivkov's Bulgaria. March 1978, the House of Cinema, Sofia.