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England - Speech Owen. (Mounting plates). Spain - Basque demonstration in honor of the second anniversary of the riots, during which killed five workers. Victoria, on March 3. Spain - Demonstrators on the borders of Valladolid are banners with demands for autonomy of Castile and Leon. Rally. Valladolid, March 5. Djibouti - Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl said that the burning of "Tigris" - a protest against the war team in the African Horn. Team members have the remains of cane ship. Djibouti, April 4. Argentina - the final preparations for the World Cup. City of Buenos Aires. Germany - Friendly football match between the teams of Germany and Brazil. Hamburg, April 5. UN - England - Kurt Waldheim signs agreement to establish a fund (UN) to help global food supplies. London, April 6. Africa - Zambia - Opening ceremony of the African countries on labor migration in South Africa. Lusaka, April 4. Philippines - Interview with the wife of opposition leader, imprisoned on the eve of the election. Manila, April 3. Israel - Jerusalem - Demonstration of Arabs in the Knesset after the second anniversary of the "Earth Day", which killed at a demonstration six Arabs. March 29. Ivory Coast - Abidjan - International Centre for the fishing industry. City Abidjan, April 3. Nigeria - U.S. President Carter arrives in Lagos for talks with the President, Lieutenant-General O. Obasanjo. Lagos, March 31. France - Georges Marchais and R. Fabre, president of the radical left, and R. Barr make a statement to journalists about his meeting and talks with President Valery Giscard d'Estaing. City soars, March 30. Ethiopia - England - Ambassador of Ethiopia tells correspondent "Viznyus" that he left the banquet performing British Foreign Secretary David Owen because he attacked the Soviet Union and Cuba for the assistance they have in Ethiopia against Somalia. The City of London, April 6. Egypt - President Anwar Sadat speaks to reporters about his talks with Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin, Begin, and encourages flexibility in negotiations. Cairo, April 5.