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England - Exhibitions (). Israel - Jerusalem - Honoring Frank Sinatra, to provide financial assistance of the European University in Jerusalem. April 9. USA - The opening of the first factory for the production of Volkswagens. The City of New Stanton, Pennsylvania, on April 10. Japan - Exhibition of imported cars. Tokyo, April 6. North Atlantic - the Soviet fleet maneuvers off the coast of Scotland. April 9. Namibia - clash with the police during the funeral of the murdered leader Kapuuo Clemens. Cities: Katatura, Okahandzha, 8-9 April. Philippines - President F. Marcos and opposition leader, who is under arrest, being interviewed about the upcoming elections in the country correspondent «Visnews» (synchronously). Manila, April 5. India - Effects of riots in Hyderabad, during which 12 people died. The police on the streets. City Hyderabad, April 5. Philippines - In the general election vote President Marcos and his wife. Manila, April 7. Yugoslavia - The church ceremony in connection with the agreement reached in October 1977, agreements on the coordination of public and religious borders between Italy and Yugoslavia. Porek City, April 9. EEC - Belgium - Talks between the delegation of Yugoslavia with the EEC on the conclusion of new trade agreements. City of Brussels, 11 April. Philippines - Police arrested demonstrators. Manila, April 9. England - Artist-restorer, Arthur Lucas talks about starting the restoration famous paintings N. Poussin, "The Adoration of the Golden Calf." (Synchronously). City of London, 11 April. India - Indira Gandhi, speaking at a rally and calls to solve the country's problems peacefully. Patna, April 9. Israel - Jerusalem - Ministers stay on the cabinet meeting. Representative M. Begin speaking to reporters and said the decision of the Cabinet on the partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon. April 9. General Section - Switzerland - the meeting of Japan's external economic affairs, U.S. Trade Representative and the Minister at the World Conference EEC trade. City of Geneva, 10 April. England - The son of former Pakistani Prime Minister Z. Ali Bhutto, studying at Oxford University, said that Pakistan's civil war could break out if his father's treasury (synchronously). The City of London, 10 April.