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Argentina - The long queue for tickets for the matches of the World Cup. City of Buenos Aires, on April 8. Syria - President Assad's talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat. Damascus, April 8. Singapore - The Vietnamese ship, the crew of the captured rebels, drops anchor near Singapore. Singapore City, April 10. Lebanon - The head of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat in an interview blames Israel for the damage to 82 Lebanese villages (synchronously). Beirut, April 10. Ethiopia, Kenya - Charge d'Affaires of Somalia, speaking at the Embassy of Somalia to reporters, reiterated that his country was helping the guerrillas in Ethiopia (synchronously). City of Nairobi, April 17. Italy - The police continue to search for a stolen A. Moreau. The city of Rome, the Apennines, April 18. Germany - The laboratory, which developed a new vaccine against rabies. The city of Marburg. Israel, Lebanon - UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim meets with the leaders of Israel. Kurt Waldheim in southern Lebanon. The city of Jerusalem, south of Lebanon, on April 18. Ethiopia - The position of the Eritrean guerrillas. Ethiopian planes bombed the Eritrean positions. Rhodesia - England - U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and British Foreign Secretary David Owen met with the leaders of the coalition in Rhodesia. Vance, the U.S. ambassador to the UN E. ovarian arrives in London. City of Salisbury, London, 17-18 April. USA - 82 Boston Marathon. City of Boston, Massachusetts, April 17. Rhodesia - Catholic Mission School and Hospital, looted and smashed by people from the tribe covered by AIOC. Lipan City, April 11. Japan - Visit of President of Germany W. Scheel and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Chenshera to Japan. Tokyo, April 17. Japan - Rowing competitions between universities. Tokyo, April 16. Ecuador - The funeral of a policeman who was killed during the student riots. Protesters try to disrupt the funeral. Quito, April 11. Rhodesia - South Africa and Transkei