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Germany - European skateboard. City Mine. England - Cycling Grand Prix at Crystal Palace. City of London, 15 April. Israel - A demonstration in support of the policy M. Begin, on the Middle East. The City of Tel Aviv, April 16. England - U.S. Defense Secretary Brown meets with Prime Minister Callaghan on the adoption of the U.S. President Carter deferred production of the neutron bomb. The City of London, April 17. South Africa - South Africa - Soweto in the elections to the community council. City Soweto, April 15. Rhodesia - Police and soldiers check vehicles white Rhodesians, forced by the tense situation in the country going on vacation in neighboring South Africa. Limit of the southern Rhodesia. USA - Training athletes. Preparing for the Olympics in 1980. Monaco - Tennis Tournament. City of Monte Carlo, April 16. Egypt - Egyptian President A. Sadat meets with a group of Christian leaders in the U.S. to discuss peaceful solutions to the Middle East conflict. Aswan, April 13. Israel - Special Report on Israeli Defense Minister E. Weizmann, who is considered the most likely successor to M. Begin. Countries: Israel and Egypt, 1967-1978 year. Portugal - A mass meeting of representatives of the New Left of the labor movement. Lisbon, April 15. Italy - Police free kidnapped March 15 millionaire A. Apollo. City of Rome, April 12. Japan - The meeting of the International Energy Agency, which discussed the project to turn the energy of ocean waves into electricity. Tokyo, April 12. Botswana - Diamond Mine. Gaborone City and others. April 11. India - Rescue teams are working in hurricane country. April 17. Hong Kong.