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Venezuela - Mass in memory of one of the ministers of the Allende government Flandin Letelier, who was killed six years ago. Parents present at Mass Letelier. Australia - United States - The Strongest glider world are preparing for the annual competition to difficult flight from Los Angeles to Washington. Sydney area and the city of California. Japan - Passengers Korean airliner that crashed over the Soviet Union to come to Tokyo. Tokyo, April 24. Belgium - Motocross. April 23. Japan - Suntory's tennis tournament. Tokyo, April 23. Yugoslavia - Boxing. Workout world lightweight champion among professionals M. Parlova. City Lipica. April 20. Algeria - Opening of National Farmers Union. Conference opens President Boumedienne. Algiers, April 24. England - The manager of the Scottish football team, said in an interview that his team will win a medal at the World Cup in Argentina. Scotland. West Berlin - Exhibition of paintings by artists who began a campaign to raise awareness of the harmful effects of industry on the environment. Cyprus - The Arabs accused of killing an Egyptian editor Sibal, stay on the trial. Police at the courthouse. Nicosia, April 20. Argentina - Preparing for the World Cup and the International Fair. Cordoba. Kenya - Head of the program to combat smallpox World Health Organization says the establishment of a fund to encourage people reporting outbreaks of smallpox. At a press conference at the end of the three-day conference of the World Health Organization (synchronously). Nairobi, 19 April. England - Special Report of the British Army Taken: Queen Elizabeth takes the salute, the classes of recruits, teaching, military aircraft, Prime Minister Heath on board a nuclear submarine. 1973-1977 years. USA - Former Congressman R. Hannah, who was convicted for "Korean case" answers questions. Washington, April 24. Rhodesia - Egypt - Joshua Nkomo says reporters that Egypt supported the Patriotic Front of Rhodesia and rejects the proposed plan of internal settlement in Rhodesia. Cairo, April 24. Lebanon - MPs are discussing the establishment of a new government. Beirut, April 20. Italy - Pope Paul VI calls for the release of kidnapped Christian Democrat leader A. Moreau. A member of the Israeli parliament, the millionaire Sharon says he is eager to ransom for the release of Moro. The city of Rome, Jerusalem. April 22-23. Egypt - President A. Sadat in Upper Egypt visit the fishing village on the Red plague and talks about peaceful conflict resolution plan in the Middle East. April 19.