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Belgium - Signing of the first trade agreement between China and the European Economic Community. City of Brussels, 3 February. Egypt - USA - Speech by Sadat in the National Press Club, which says that Egypt will continue its policy of its policy in the Middle East (synchronously). The city of Washington, February 6. Vietnam - Taken: International Club in Hanoi, a press conference on the military clashes with Kampuchea, border areas, the Embassy of Cambodia, Hanoi people read newspapers. Hanoi, January 6. Vietnam, Cambodia - Special Report on the border conflict between Vietnam and Kampuchea. From: Scenes of fighting. The evacuation of the wounded, the dead bodies floating in the Mekong River, the demonstrators rob Vietnamese Embassy and Vietnamese shops in Phnom Penh, the Vietnamese refugees. Different areas of Cambodia 1970-1974 gg. China - The agreement on scientific cooperation between China and France during a visit to Beijing, Prime Minister of France, Barr. City of Beijing, January 21. Israel - Egypt - The talks between Egypt and Israel. The city of Jerusalem and Cairo, 17-18 January. China - Archaeological excavations in northwestern China, found things that, as scientists assume, 3000. USA - Press conference by NASA. Telecommunications satellites. Cape Canaveral, September 1977 - January 4-6, 1978. Argentina - The construction of a second nuclear connection. The city of Rio Tercero, 28 December. Burma - The Deputy Prime Minister Deng Xiaoping arrives in Burma for talks with President N. Win. Rangul City, January 26. Egypt - Mrs. Sadat speaking to the wives of U.S. congressmen and said that Israel has much to lose in a war with Egypt (synchronously). Cairo, January 18. U.S. - Egypt - Israel - Captured: U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance returned to Washington with the talks between Israel and Egypt, A. Sadat talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister, M. Begin speaks in the Knesset, and condemns anti-Semitic campaign in the Egyptian press. The city of Washington, Cairo, Jerusalem. 22 and 23 January. China - Vice Chairman Deng speaks to foreign experts. City of Beijing, December 31, 1977. Germany - Loading a new ship with a crane destined for Libya, on board a giant cargo ship. Hamburg, 2 and 3 January. Nepal - Vice Chairman Deng Xiaoping examines ancient city of Patan, during his official visit to Nepal. City of Patan and Godavari February 5. Egypt - Algeria - The meeting of Arab foreign ministers who oppose the peace treaties between A. Sadat to Begin (synchronously). Meeting Assistant Secretary of State Atergona with Egyptian Foreign Minister: the arrival of Israeli Defense Minister Weidman to Egypt. Cairo, Algiers, January 31.