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Nepal - Arrive Vice Chairman Deng Xiaoping paid an official visit to Nepal. Kathmandu, 2, 3 February. Israel, Jerusalem - Statement by the Prime Minister M. Begin in the Knesset on the A. Sadat made the statement on January 20 in Cairo. (Synchronously). January 22. Egypt - Statement by President A. Sadat in Parliament about his appeal to the United States to provide sophisticated weapons to Egypt, the same as Israel. Cairo, January 21. Thailand - The agreement between Thailand and Vietnam on air. Bangkok, January 11. Egypt - Foreign Minister stands in the National Assembly, and accuses Israel of disrupting the peace talks. Cairo, January 28. Jordan - Assistant Secretary of State meets with Atergon King Hussein and inform him about the U.S. involvement in Egypt's reconciliation with Israel. Press Conference of King Hussein. (Synchronously). Amman, January 28. Nepal - The visit of the Vice-Chairman Deng Xiaoping. Kathmandu, February 3-4. Austria - Egyptian President A. Sadat and Israeli opposition leader Peres met for a short meeting with the participation of Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. Salzburg, February 11. Egypt - Cyprus - Kyprianou meets with representatives of Egypt for talks on overcoming the hostility that arose between the two countries after the events at the airport Larkaka. Press conference Kyprianou. Nicosia, 20-21 February. Israel - Egypt - Statement by M. Begin, due to delayed start of negotiations between Israel and Egypt. National Security Council meeting in Egypt. Present: War Minister of Foreign Affairs and Anwar Sadat. Cities: Jerusalem and Cairo, 14-15 January. Israel - Arrivals Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamal M. at peace talks. City: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, 15 and 16 January. Egypt - President Anwar Sadat at the funeral of 15 Commando, died in Larnaca Airport. Cairo, February 22. Cyprus - Police at the hotel, where he was killed publisher Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram Sibal. Bus with Egyptian hostages arrive at Larnaca airport. Nicosia, Larnaca, February 18.

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