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Australia - Olympic champions at the International Games in 1980 in Melbourne. England - Championship table tennis. The Chinese team is fighting for the championship. City of Brighton, January 14. Spain - The funeral of a police officer in Pomplone. January 13. India - Statement by the Prime Minister M. Desai about nuclear weapons. January 12. Rhodesia - Statement Sittole leaders of the need to participate in the settlement of the Patriotic Front Rhodesian question. Salisbury, 11 January. USA - Farewell to the body of former Vice President G.Hamfri. January 14. Spain - Heavy snowfall in northern Spain. January 14. U.S. - Special Scene: John Carter's presidency. Review for one year. 1977-1978 year. USA - The funeral of former Vice President H. Humphrey. At the funeral there, John Carter, Richard Nixon, John Ford. January 15. U.S. - A new species of a postage stamp. Brazil - Iguazu Falls. City of Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina. Togo - Celebration on the occasion of the second anniversary as president Eyadema. City Lome, January 13. Israel - Construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories. City Sinai, the Golan Heights. January 15. Argentina - Moto Rally. Winner M. Andreotti in the U.S.. City of Buenos Aires, on January 15. Chile - Family. Trading in Santiago. People shopping. January 9-10. Japan - The economic meeting with U.S. trade (due to the massive trade surpluses in Japan). Tokyo, January 12. England - Hastings. The room, where the matches. Interview tournament organizers.