Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5519

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U.S. - Hockey. Italy - Ethiopia - Ethiopia's foreign minister accused the Arab reactionaries in the escalation of the war in the province of Eritrea. City of Rome, January 23. England - The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belize refused to debate the issue of Guatemala. Ethiopia - Eritrea's Massawa Port District, deserted due to the war. Bolivia - President Hugo Banzer makes a statement about the dire circumstances of the country. The city of La Paz. January 18. Australia - New record swim for 800 meters. Spain - The funeral of the former mayor of Barcelona, ​​who was killed by terrorists. Demonstrations against the right-wing government. The city of Barcelona, ​​January 26. Spain - Friendly football match Spain - Italy. Madrid, January 25. India - The thirtieth anniversary of the death of Gandhi. New Delhi, January 30. Yugoslavia - boxing champion Mate Parley returned after the victory in Argentina. January 25. Canada - Scientists continue to search for the remains of the Soviet satellite "Cosmos" 954. Canadian Defense Minister comment. January 26, 1978. Kenya - Rhodesia - One of the leaders of the Rhodesian Patriotic Front Joshua Nkomo against government plans Rhodesian settlement. City of Nairobi, January 27. Argentina - Argentine Foreign Minister said the disputed islands in the Beagle Gulf. January 25. Ethiopia - Somalia - Special Report. Events in the Ogaden region. Browse. 1977-1978. England - Netherlands - Special report about the floods in the North Sea coast. 1953-1978 year.