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Israel - the West Bank - Jerusalem - The construction of military settlements in the Israeli-occupied zemlyah.8 January 1978. Canada - Canadian scientists see the broken pieces of the artificial Soviet satellite, extracted from the lake. Edmonton, January 31 - February 1. USA - Training Leon Spinks, who said that he could beat the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. City of Philadelphia. Rhodesia - Statement of Bishop Muzorewa negotiations with Ian Smith on internal settlement. Soldiers on the streets of Salisbury. Salisbury, on February 1. England - Football. The match between the team of "Manchester United" and the team Bromviga. February 1. Syria - The demonstration in the city of Homs against separate negotiations A. Sadat, President of Egypt, with Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin. City of Homs, January 3. Israel - Sinai Peninsula - Discontinued: Israeli settlement. Builders at work. Settlers told a reporter, BBC BBC. City Yamit. Chile - A strike at St. Francis in Santiago relatives missing since the seizure of power by a clique of Pinochet. Garden Santiago, December 31. Turkey - Voting in Parliament, during which the coalition of Prime Minister Demirel defeated. Ankara, 31 December. OOP - Lebanon - PLO leader Arafat condemns U.S. policy in the Middle East, speaking at a rally. (Mounting plate). Israel - Gaza - Report. From: People on the streets. Refugees are digging into a heap in old clothes. Israeli troops in armored cars. Italy - Special Report - The political crisis in Italy. From: Andreotti, who resigned, told reporters. President Monet and Andreotti. Communist leader Ekrino Berlinguer. Demonstrators with placards. The city of Rome, Milan, 1976-1978,. Israel - Jerusalem - The Israeli-Egyptian negotiations. From: The Egyptian foreign minister told reporters. Egyptian delegation at the airport. Israeli Prime Minister Begin told reporters. U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. The city of Jerusalem, 18 and 19 January. Italy - Communists and Socialists refused to support a one-party government Andreotti. Doing an interview for the Republican Party and a representative of the Communist Party. City of Rome, January 14. Bolivia - Members strike call for political reforms. Speech by President H. Banzer of possible cancellation of general elections in the country. The city of La Paz, January 5. Spain - The impact of the shooting police with Basque separatists. From: dead bodies, Trans traces on the walls of houses. Pamplona, ​​January 12. Israel - the West Bank and Sinai - settlers protest against the negotiations between Israel and Egypt. January 11.