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Lebanon - A rally in support of the Palestinian resistance movement. Present at the meeting PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Beirut, January 7. Lebanon - The members of the Lebanese Front - Commonwealth right political parties - after the two-day meeting told reporters. January 21. Lebanon - Palestinian village, abandoned by people because of the ongoing border fighting between Israeli and Palestinian guerrillas. City of Taybeh, January 22. USA - National Guard helps the population of the Midwest of America to clear snow drifts formed by heavy storms. Indiana, January 28. USA - U.S. cities hit by snowstorms. The City of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, January 20. Italy - General Secretary of the CPI E. Berminguer At a meeting of the Central Committee of Communist participation in the new government. The city of Rome, January 26. Algeria - General Secretary of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the president of the Saharawi Arab Republic at a press conference during the meeting of Arab leaders. Algiers, on February 3. Algeria - One of the meetings of leaders of the Arab world who oppose Egypt's separate negotiations with Israel. Algiers, on February 3. Ethiopia - Harar town the day before its capture by Somali troops. City of Harar, January 22. South Africa - Statement by Zulu leader at a rally in Jabulani Stadium in Soweto. City Soweto, January 29. Lebanon - PLO leader, speaking at a meeting in memory of Nasser, Egypt condemn negotiations with Israel. Beirut, 22 January. India - military parade in honor of the 28 anniversary of the adoption of a democratic constitution. City of Delhi, January 26. Iraq - Protest against A. Sadat bilateral negotiations with Israel. City of Baghdad. Bolivia - Shops, offices, construction, banks, paralyzed by the strike. The city of La Paz, January 17. Italy - General Secretary of the CPI E. Berlinguer and Socialist leader Craxi to journalists about their conversation with Italian Prime Minister Andreotti. The city of Rome, January 23. Ethiopia - Farmers captured by Somali soldiers weapon. City of Harar, January 24.