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India - protesters clash with police at the time of arrival of the Shah of Iran on an official visit to New Delhi. City of Delhi, February 2. USA - Track and Field competition. New York City, February 4. Netherlands - Team USA - the leader of the international swimming competitions. February 4. France - Winners of the European Championship of Figure Skating Women: A. Petch (GDR), D. Luru (Germany), E. Vodorezova (USSR). Strasbourg, 4 February. Colombia - The life of children in poor neighborhoods of the capital. Bogota. Italy, Somalia - Chairman of the international center of Ethiopia accuses the press conference Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt in military aid to Somalia, which denies the representative of Somalia. Removed various buildings constructed in Somalia Soviet Union. Cities: Rome, Berbera, Ogaden, February 7. Spain - The Prime Minister, speaking at the rally, said the success of the Government on the implementation of their election promises. Avila, February 4. Nicaragua - President Somoza examines district of Managua, injured during the unrest caused by the general strike. Managua, February 3. Israel - Switzerland - Israeli Foreign Minister M. Dayan, answering reporters' questions, said that Israel is assisting Ethiopia in order to maintain good relations. Zurich, February 7. USA - Airports, railways, highways in the north-eastern U.S. states, paralyzed by snow-storms. February 6. Netherlands - International swimming competition. - Women. City of Amersfoort, on February 5. Canada, the U.S. - Canadian search team finds parts of the Soviet satellite. Technology Laboratory of NASA. February 4, 1978. Spain - Police officers patrol the streets of Madrid. Madrid, February 3. South Africa. - Boxing. South African athlete Knottsa meeting with American Bobby. City of Johannesburg, 4 February. France - With the shows skaters playing European champion Annette Petch (GDR). Strasbourg, 5 February. Italy - Berlinguer speaks to reporters after meeting with other political leaders on forming a new government. The city of Rome, February 7.