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Japan - Negotiations with representatives of the EEC Ministers of Japan's balance of trade between the EEC and Japan. Tokyo, February 13. France - International swimming competition. The U.S. team - winners of the competition. The city of Paris, February 12. France - Datchanka Nelson sets record at international swimming competition. The city of Paris, February 11. UN - after five Western powers in the UN Security Council to start negotiations with the representatives of South Africa on the future of Namibia. New York City, February 9. Syria - The meeting of the Central Council of the Palestine devoted negotiations with Begin Sadat. Lebanese during a rally in Damascus in support in Lebanon, Syrian troops, members of the inter-Arab peacekeeping force in Lebanon. Damascus, 12 February. South Africa - South Africa - Mrs Mandela in the courtroom after the verdict. Bloemfontein, February 9. Australia - Police at the hotel building, damaged by a bomb planted by terrorists. Sydney, February 13. England - The rescue team of the oil rig in distress during a severe storm at sea. English Channel, 10 February. Ethiopia - Ethiopian army officers persuaded farmers hiding in the woods while in Harare Somali troops return to their fields. Harer area. Japan - A miniature horse, a rare breed, born in the "year of the horse." Children playing with a foal. City Matsuyama, Shikoku Island, 3-6 February. Bolivia - The leader of the miners H. Lehin returning to Bolivia after a seven-year stay in Venezuela, gives an interview. The city of La Paz. South Africa - South Africa - A delegation of the International Tennis Federation examines the state of tennis in South Africa and the impact of apartheid on its development. February 13. Namibia - Funeral of Provincial Health Ovambo T. Shiyachaya killed while performing a political rally. Okahai City, Feb. 12. Namibia - Special Report on South-West Africa (Namibia). February 1978. Israel - Jerusalem - Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin, speaking at a press conference, rejected the statement of U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance that the Israeli-occupied territories of Sinai to be a Palestinian state. The city of Jerusalem, 12 February.