Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5535

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Greece - International Friendly football match between the teams of Greece and Austria. City of Athens, February 15. Ethiopia - Treasures of the Imperial House, who may be exposed to the public. City Addis Ababa. UN - Representatives of Chad and Libya are the Security Council. February 17. Egypt - Kenya plane, confiscated by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo airport. Cairo, February 16. Special report on Syrian President Hafez al-Assad. Countries: Syria, Egypt, Libya, the Soviet Union, Jordan, France, Switzerland. 1974-1977 years. USA - Repair of the pipeline in Alaska affected by the explosion. Dance, February 16. USA - Remarks by President Jimmy Carter to reporters on the supply of arms to the Middle East. City of Cranston, 17 February. Somalia - Morocco - Secretary General of the Western Somali Liberation Front, appears in Rabat with reference to the Arabs to support the Western Somalia. Rabat, 17 February. England - Restaurant, where 12 people died in a bomb planted by terrorists. Northern Ireland, Belfast, on 17 and 18 February. Poland - An exhibition of works of art of the peoples of Indonesia and East Asia. City of Warsaw, on February 12. Italy - The funeral of Italian Master R. Palma. At the funeral, there are major political figures. City of Rome, 16 February. Thailand - Northeast Frontier Baranas village, destroyed in riots, acts with Cambodia. Baranas village, 16 February. Argentina - Taxi drivers protest against the junta's decision to change their appearance before the matches of the World Cup in football. City of Buenos Aires. Venezuela - Boxing. The battle between the junior world champion and Mexican Estaba Castillo. Caracas, February 19. Vietnam - Cambodia border. Villages affected in the attack Cambodian soldiers. Cyprus - Egypt - President Kyprianou said the murder of Egyptian journalist Sibal. Sibal funeral in Cairo. February 19. England - Ireland - to blow up buses. Address by the Prime Minister of Ireland, J. Ling. Londonderry, Dublin, on 19 and 20 February.