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USA - Police at the thirteenth of the body of the victim, "a roadside strangler" in Los Angeles. California, Los Angeles, February 18. Congo - Arrival and unloading aircraft, delivered the gifts from the GDR. Brazzaville City, February 16. USA - Jimmy Carter talks with union representatives of coal miners and White House adviser on the continuation of talks between striking coal miners and businessmen. The former leader of the Union "Tony" - Boyle, who was convicted of murder, told reporters. February 18. Israel. - The friendly match between the national basketball team of Lebanese villages and Israeli kibbutz. City Baram, February 18. Turkey - The streets of Ankara. Finance Minister at a press conference to talk about new economic measures aimed at developing the country's economy. Ankara, 16 February. Portugal - Reburial victims of the regime of Salazar, who died in concentration camps. Lisbon, 18 February. Canada - England - The hunt for seals. Speech by Premier of the Canadian province of Newfoundland barbarous way the seal hunt. City of Newfoundland (Canada), London, 1977, 20 February 1978. England - The impact of winter storms in the South West of England. February 20. Japan - The annual marathon for people of all ages. The winners of the marathon. Omagh Town City, February 19. France - General Secretary of the French Communist Party J. Marsha speaks at a campaign rally in Paris. The city of Paris, February 16. Cyprus - The exchange of fire between the Egyptian commandos and soldiers in Cyprus Larnaca Airport. Arrested commandos. Larnaca, February 19. France - Special Report on the leader of the Socialist Francois Mitterrand. 1965-1978 years. Ethiopia - Ogaden refugees in Jijiga. Territory controlled by Somalis. Jijiga town, Ogaden. Ethiopia - Discontinued: civilians with guns on the streets of Addis Ababa - chanting. Children in military factory with wooden rifles. City Addis Ababa.