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Bangladesh - The laying of wreaths on the day of the martyrs to the memorial to the victims of demonstrations in 1952, who was shot by police. Dhaka, February 21. Arab League - Tunisia - Economic Council Arab League. Tunis, 20 February. Canada - Plane crash at the airport in Cranbrook. Official representative of the airline's answers reporter's questions. Cranbrook, February 12. Spain - Boxing. The battle between the Spaniards and Miler Rodriguez. Miler in serious condition carry the ring. Madrid, February 17. Algeria - President Boumedienne at the opening of the liquefaction of natural gas. Arzeu City, February 21. England - Caves northern lowlands, which are used to store cheese. Buxton, February 16. Germany - Football match between Germany and England. Munich, February 22. Uganda - President Idi Amin, answers questions about the relationship between Uganda and the United Kingdom, as well as on the situation in the country. Kampala city. Spain - Demonstration against the construction of a new nuclear power plant in the Basque country. The demonstration involved children. Plans to build the station. July 1977-12 February 1978. Tunisia - Prime Minister of Tunisia with a delegation from the European Union. Tunis, 21 February. France - The leader of the Socialist Mitterrand throw tomatoes and eggs during the election campaign in the Paris area. The city of Paris, February 22. Cyprus - The pilot of the hijacked plane Cypriot answers questions about the shootout between Egyptian commandos and the National Guard of Cyprus in Larnaca Airport. Larnaca, February 22. United States - Special Report on the situation of the Indians in South Dakota, five years after the riots in the Indian village Vundet Ni. Indians in court trying to defend their claims. 1970-1976 years.