Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5551

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USA - Siamese twins. City of Winston, February 28. U.S. - South Korean lesotorgovets Tongsa Parham talks to reporters about the pressure exerted by the South Korean manufacturers in the American Congress. The city of Washington, February 28. Cyprus - Police at the courthouse where the trial will take place in two Arabs accused of killing Cypriot publisher Sibal. Nicosia, 28 February. France - Georges Marchais, at a campaign rally. The city of Paris, February 28. France - Chronicle article about the general secretary of the French Communist Party Georges Marchais. The city of Paris, Madrid, Budapest. 1972 - February 1978. India - Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi speaks to reporters about the future of her party in the victory of the party in the elections in some states. City of Delhi, February 28. Germany - Report dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the capture of American troops GEMAG bridge over the Rhine. March 7. Germany - President of Brazil E. Geisel with Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. The city of Bonn, March 7. Spain - The funeral of a police officer killed in the Basque city of Vitoria. Vitoria, March 6. France - Special Report on the leader of the party gallistov Jacques Chirac. The city of Paris, 1976 - 1978 year. UN - Patriotic Front Leader J. Nkomo is interviewed about the Rhodesian raid in Zambia. March 7. England - Championship weightlifters. Manchester City, March 4. Switzerland - Arrival of Prime Minister Ecevit Turkey for talks with Cypriot President Karamanlis. Ecevit speech at the airport. City of Geneva, March 9. Turkey - Prime Minister Ecevit Turkey with Turkish Cypriot leader R. Repktashem. Ankara, March 6. Iran - Interview Shah English reporter of the "Newsday" about the events in the Horn of Africa. City of Tehran. ITALY - The trial of members of the "Red Brigades". Turin, March 9. Pakistan - Special Report of the late Prime Minister ZA Bhutto, on which the trial began, as well as amplifying the military control of the country. 1977-1978. England - arrested during "Operation Julie" drug dealers. Laboratory for the production of tablets of LSD, the premises where drugs were stored. 1977-1978 year.