Documentary screen (2004) Journey of a lifetime - 2

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Producer Silver Screen

Series №1 Journey of a lifetime - 2

Synchron of film expert Alexander Deryabin.

Photo by A. Litvinov, P. Mershin , V. Arsenyev.

A synchronous of Deryabin (tells the story of the film.)

Images from the film by Alexander Litvinov "Unknown land", 1931.

A synchronous of Deryabin.

Images from the film of Robert Flaherty "Louisiana Story," 1948.

Synchron of Deryabin.

Images from the film of Robert Flaherty's "Louisiana Story," 1948.

Images from the film Alexander Litvinov "Unknown land."

Synchron of Deryabin.

Alexander Litvinov's film "Unknown land".

Storm on the ocean.

Ship in the ocean.

The expedition members on board.


Klyuchevskoy volcano smokes.

Snowy forest and landscapes.

Squirrel, fox, black-brown fox, otter, bear.

Rocks on the beach (with water).

Fish in water.


A herd of deer in a snowy field.

Camp indigenous people of Kamchatka.

The reindeer herders.


Life of the camp.

Smoked volcano.


Ship at sea.

Captain on the bridge.

Unloaded the ship.

A sign on the wooden house, "Gizhiginskaya Nat-integrated co-op."

Aborigines in the house, get kettles, weapons.

A sign on the wooden house, "Penzhinsky Regional Executive Committee of the Kamchatka region."

People in the room at the tables.

Landscapes of Kamchatka.

Women in traditional dress in the headphones - listen to the radio.

The population of the village in the forge around the radio.

Film Screening.

Aborigines bring dogs to the gods before the cinema.

Mechanic charges film.

Locals under communist slogans.

Koryak village.


A herd of deer.

Women's clothing association.

Women in yaranga, sew fur.



Chuvans chopping wood - felling cooperative.

Take out timber dog sledding.

Socialist competition for the collection of furs.

Sit locals.

Says the man.

Fur carts, dog sleds.


Bags of fur are entered in building cooperative "New Life".

Kamchatka landscape.

The first farm in Kamchatka.

A herd of cows.

A number of tents.

Erases woman.

Chickens to roost.

Pigs in a pen.


Veterinarian with a cow.

Veterinarian washes his hands.

Peasant (immigrant from the mainland) mold.

Men dig in the ground.

Women at agricultural work.

Men sift grain.

Panorama of the village.

Life of a peasant family (private owners).

The work at the farm.

New homes.

Grazing cattle.

Tractor rides on the road.

School building.

Children go to classes.

Teacher with students in the classroom.


Patients in the waiting room.

The doctor sees patients.

Kindergarten, children play.

Physical exercises on the street.

Local residents packed into bags furs.

Camp, the yurt.

Life of the village.

A herd of deer.

Nat Executive Committee meeting at the camp - the distribution of pasture.


Seagulls over the water.

Spawning fish.

Fishermen in a boat, put the network.

Pull the fish into the boat.

Fishing salmon.

Cutters at the pier.

The elevator serves fish in fish-processing plant.

Loading elevator.

Fish on the line.

Equipment shop.

Workers at the conveyor.

Fish canning.

Harvesting of furs.

Panorama of Kamchatka village.

A synchronous of Deryabin.


2004 (1931)