Secret training ground (2005) Samurai of the sky

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Producer Silver Screen

Series №1 Samurai of the sky

Newsreel 1941:

Pearl Harbor.

Ships at sea.

Planes in the air.


Japanese city streets, pedestrians, traffic.


Airplanes Aichi D3A1.

Drawings and photos of aircraft.

Japanese planes at the airport, in the air.

Pearl Harbor.

Ships at sea, aircraft in the air.

Japanese wireless operators.


Japanese sailors officers on board.

The bombing, burning ships.

American sailor looking through binoculars.

Aircraft "Aichi" in the air.

U.S. aircraft at the airport.

Japanese planes take off.

The Japanese bombed British ships.


Sailors from the wreckage in the water.

American bombers in the air.

People on the streets of Japanese cities.

Aircraft "Aichi" in the air.

Naval guns fired at the plane, off the plane.

The explosion on the water.

Japanese soldiers training.

Aircraft "Mitsubishi" A6M "Reisen", "Zero".

Planes take off in the air.

Aircraft at the airport, the aircraft mechanics.


Aircraft (different plans).

Air-sea battles.

Burning aircraft fell into the sea.

Aircraft Ki-84 "Hayate".

Planes in the air aerial combat.

Passes Chiang and other Japanese commanders.

A meeting of senior officials.

Burns and falls plane.

Planes in the air.

Japanese ship, the military on board.

Aircraft at the airport.

Japanese soldiers.

Planes in the air, aerial combat, falling aircraft.

Japanese soldiers on the beach.

Japanese command, meeting.

Burning Japanese aircraft on the airfield.

Planes G8N1.

Planes in the air bombardment.

Fire in the city.

Aircraft Ki-67 "Kiryu."

Planes in the air,

Japanese pilots.

Explosions in the sea.

Planes in the air, dropping bombs.

Japanese command runs.

Japanese city streets.

Planes in the air, the Japanese soldiers, Japanese pilots.

Burning ships at sea.

Planes G4M.

Planes over Pearl Harbor.

Planes on the deck of the ship, take off.

Japanese pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

Air-sea battle.

Japanese pilots with the commander, build.

Air-sea battle, the ship explodes, falls aircraft on deck of the ship.

The bombing of the city.

Burning plane.

Planes in the air.

Air combat, the plane crashes into the sea.

The ship fires at plane.