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South Africa - The city of Soweto. Houses and streets in the city. The family in the house. A woman prepares food. The column on the street. Father and son talking. Spain - "Freedom March" Basques. Participants were demanding amnesty for political prisoners and the autonomy of the Basque people. Gernitse, July 10. France - Bastille Day celebration - a military parade. Jean d'Estaing at the parade. Paris, July 14. Spain - "Freedom March" Basque marchers in San Sebastian. July 11. Spain - A protest demonstration against the construction of a nuclear power plant. Bilbao, July 14. France - Bastille Day celebration - fireworks. Paris, July 14. Australia - A protest demonstration against nuclear testing. Protesters clash with police. Melbourne, July 5. England - The demonstration of solidarity with the striking workers of the plant Gryunvik. Protesters clash with police. London, July 11. Cyprus - A mass meeting in Nicosia on the anniversary of the military coup in Cyprus. Nicosia, July 15. South Africa - The trial of 12 black leaders accused of terrorism. From: Courthouse. Police guarding the premises. People at the courthouse. Police with dogs. Pretoria, June 29. Netherlands - The annual march "Nijmegen". Civilian and military personnel at the annual march. Japanese participants of the march. Participants in the march on the way to Valburg. ! June 9. Djibouti - Independence Day. From: The Ethiopian delegation arrives in Djibouti. The flag of the Republic of Djibouti. Parade. President Gouled on parade. Djibouti, June 27. England - End of the meeting of leaders of the Common Market - delegates leave the building. Come out of the building, and J. Callaghan Estaing. Press Conference J. Callaghan. London, June 30. China - development of sports in China. From: A person engaged in "bar" - on the shoulders of baskets filled with earth. Fighting on the fingers. Children playing "who will draw." National boxing "noise." Canada - Montreal's garbage strike. In protest against the low wages they dumped garbage on the steps of the city council. June 30. USA - floods in the state of Pennsylvania. July 20. Israel - Spec. reporting on the Middle East issue 1969 - 1977 years. From: 1969 - "Phantom" in flight. Ambassador Rabin out of the plane. 1973 - Battle of the Golan Heights. 1974 - U.S. President Nixon and Sadat in the streets of Cairo. Kissinger comes to the Knesset. 1976 - Israel. F-15 fly and land. 1977 - Begin with the new U.S. office - says Carter (synchronously). 1969 - 1977 years. USA - sit-in students at Kent University in protest against the construction of the gymnasium at the scene of the murder of four students during the youth riots in 1970 Ohio, on July 12.