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United Nations - The UN Security Council decides: to keep the Cyprus issue under constant nablyudeniem.9 November 1977. Congo - African Conference on Health. City Brazzaville, November 7 Italy - Italian Duke Massimiliano Grazioli was kidnapped in Rome. November 8, 1977. Italy - The police continue to search for the kidnappers of industrialist Pietro Fiochchi and Duke Grazioli. November 9. Albania - A solemn meeting on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution. The Prime Minister in his speech condemned the policy of China. Tirana, November 7 Egypt - Arab ministers meeting on the issue of Social Security. Cairo, November 7 Egypt - Negotiations Sadat in the Jordanian King Hussein's decision Middle East question. Cairo, November 7 Venezuela - A visit to Venezuela President of Senegal Léopold Senghor. Caracas, November 7 USA - Interview of President Carter on the Middle East. (Synchronously). Washington, November 10 USA - Democratic congressman Edward Koch was elected mayor of New York. New York City, November 9 Greece - The pre-election rally of the new right National Party. City of Athens, November 8, 1977. France - bakeries and small bakeries closed in protest against the government's anti-inflation of prices. The city of Paris, November 9 Japan - Games for the World Cup in volleyball. Chinese women's team defeated the U.S. team. Tokyo, November 8 Philippines - A fire at a hotel in Manila. November 14, 1977. Philippines - Mass trial of the suspects in Manila communist leaders. Manila, November 8. South Korea - the 60th anniversary of South Korean President Park's. 1961-1977 year. Seoul. Rhodesia - Victoria Falls. Tourists on the waterfall. Rhodesia - The Cabinet of Prime Minister Ian Smith (The 12 th anniversary of independence from England.) Salisbury, November 11 England - Performance in London Soviet gymnasts. City of London, 11 November