for the "Bon appetit". (1990 - 1999)

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Scene №1 Plots for the "Bon appetit"

Filming scenes for the "Bon appetit."

The building shop "Bread" correspondents talk program.

The actress talks to a nutritionist N.Krachkovskaya V.Mescheryakovoy (at home).

Interview people on the streets about diets.

N.Krachkovskaya talk with a dietitian.

Nutritionist advises viewers.

Men on the street answer a reporter's question, "What kind of women you like, thin or full?".

Filippovskaya bakery on Tverskaya Street in Moscow.

Correspondent program asks passers-by: "Do you know how to find us home?"; Wondered where they buy bread.

Director of the Museum of bread V.Malahin tells the Merchant Philippi, a bakery, features photos, historical documents.

Visitors to the tables in the cafe.

Showcase with alcoholic beverages. juices and other beverages.

Visitors cafe drinking beer.

The correspondent of the program at the window with cakes.

Cakes - different plans.

People buy bread.

Boxes with the bread.

Confectioner sculpts test various figures.

Baskets of bread loaf and other bakery products.

V.Malahin demonstrates ancient tool for processing grain and bread.

Tverskaya Square in Moscow, a bazaar (TONAR) "Steff Holberg" selling hot dogs.

Correspondents program talk with the seller.

Seller says that this hot dog, demonstrates the preparation of a hot dog.

Youth on the street eating hot dogs.

Deputy General Director of the company, "Marconi" A.Razin talks about the purchase of raw materials in Denmark and mobile pantries with equipment.

View of Copenhagen.

Drives a heavy-vehicle (wagon) with the words "Danish specialties in Russia."

Shop for the production of sausages for hot dogs in Denmark.

A.Razin says.

Seller is preparing hot dogs.

People on the street eating hot dogs.

Key words

Trade Fast Food


Krachkovskaya N.
Malahin V. -- Director of the Museum of Bread







Youth; Health; Towns and countries; Social life