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Reel №1 "The Flow"

"Farewell to Bulat Okudzhava."

People stand in line at the Vakhtangov Theater, to say goodbye to Bulat Okudzhava.

B.Okudzhava's coffin on the stage, people walk past the coffin - different plans.

Line at the theater, followed by people with flowers - different plans.

Among came to say goodbye to B.Okudzhava passes Nikita Vysotsky.

A.Voznesensky poet's coffin.

Turn on Old Arbat - different plans.

The honor guard at the tomb, people walk past the coffin - different plans.

Pointer to the house "Arbat, 32."

Portrait B.Okudzhava.

"The relationship of the State Antimonopoly Committee of Russia and regional authorities."

Government House of the Russian Federation (the White House) - different plans.

Car travel in Manezh Square.

Editorial plans Belgorod.

Embankment of the Moscow River, Kremlin tower, high-rise building, St.

Basil's Cathedral.

The meeting of the Russian government - Hall, the Presidium; VSChernomyrdin passes.

"Housing reform in Arkhangelsk"

Editorial plans Arkhangelsk - streets, buildings, people on the streets, the movement of vehicles.

Chairman of the Regional Council of Deputies V.Kalyamin addresses the problems in the housing and communal issues.

Emergency state of heat in the city - different plans.

Interview of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Arkhangelsk region V.Zvereva.

Control devices for water and heat consumption (meters).

Arkhangelsk - office, residential buildings, people on the streets.

On the bench sat the elderly, passengers at a bus stop, tram rides, teenagers on bicycles.

"Disabled person under the stairs"

Administration Building Soviet district of Voronezh.

Residential building in the street Yu.

Yanonisa, entrance is under the stairs lives invalid.

Interview of the disabled, which the city government evicted them from occupied empty apartment.

Interview residents of Voronezh Yu.


"The harm of uncontrolled advertising of medicines."

International Exhibition of drugs; visitors at the stand of various pharmaceutical companies.

Television advertising of medicines.

Passing car on the street "first aid", a patient on a gurney being taken to hospital corridor.

It takes a group of physicians and doctors in the operating room.

Chairman of the Public Committee for the advertising F.Komarov speaks at a press conference.

Television advertising of medicines.

The doctors in the operating room.

President of the International Fund for effective and safe drugs V.Lepahin speaks at a press conference.

Health officials at a press conference on the adoption of the law on medicinal products, which includes an article on advertising of medicines.

Television advertising of medicines.

Deputy Head of the Antimonopoly Committee T.Tkacheva speaks at a press conference.

Television advertising of medicines.

"Remembering Valery Chkalov"

Newsreel 1930s.:

Plane takes off.

V.Chkalov and Stalin at the airfield.

V.Chkalov, A.Belyakov other at the plane, go to the airfield.

Planes in the air.

A meeting of Soviet pilots V. Chkalov, A.Belyakova G.Baydukova and the United States.

Funeral V. Chkalov.

Planes in the air.

Stalin, Khrushchev, K.Voroshilov and other members of the government at the airfield.

Funeral V. Chkalov.

Marble slab in the Kremlin wall with the inscription "Valery Chkalov 2. II 1904 - 15. XII 1938".

Interview V. Chkalov son - Igor V. Chkalov.

Newsreel 1937:

Chkalov in the car with his wife and son, passing through the streets of Moscow.

Modern military aircraft in the air stunt.

Newsreels 1938:

Flypast during the funeral of V. Chkalov: airplanes fly over Red Square, the plane in the air form a "star", the words "Soviet Union", "Stalin".

"A collection of rare cameras"

Vintage cameras and photography.

Interview photographer V.Skidanova collector.

V.Skidanov pictures of the girl.

Exhibits of the collection V.Skidanova.

"Odessa racecourse"

The building of the Odessa State Racetrack.

Trotting races.

Interview of the Odessa racecourse O.Kushnira.

Riders in a rocking chair on the treadmill.

Horses in the corral, in the stable.

Visitors to the racetrack.

Layout modernization racecourse.

On the streets of Odessa passing riders.

"The fifth anniversary of the tragic events in Bender"

Editorial plans of Bender.

Frames the events of 1992:

Meeting of the Moldovan government.

Moldovan military stormed Bender, dead bodies on the ground, refugees sit in a freight car, destroyed buildings, soldiers, armored vehicles on the streets.

Interview with the head of administration of Bender T.Zinovicha.

Memorial memory and grief; commemorated.

Key words

Ethnic conflict in Bendery


Voznesenskij A. -- poet
Visockij N.V. -- actor
Chernomirdin V.S.
Chkalov V.P. -- test pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
Chkalov I.V. -- Colonel, Air Force Engineer
Stalin I.V.
Belyakov A.V. -- pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
Bajdukov G.F. -- pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union


Ukraine - Odessa
Moldova - Bender

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Sport; Media; Culture and Arts; Defense and internal security; Health; Towns and countries; Social life; Wars, conflicts and disasters; Domestic policy