f August 1991. (1991)

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Scene №1 The events of August 1991 (coup)

Armored vehicles, the protesters at the Government House (White House) - different plans.

People chant: "Russia.

Russia," "Freedom, freedom!", Waving flags.

White House defenders heading towards Novy Arbat.

Panorama of the buildings, squares of Moscow, bridges, embankments of the Moscow River.

Vehicles stand, people have tanks.

Multilevel Embankment Building, Moscow River, a barge on the river.

The White House, White House defenders outside.

Sunset, the evening sky.

Balloon in the sky over the Russian Government House (morning).

Panorama of the buildings, the Moskva River embankment, the setting sun.

Defenders of the White House on the waterfront.

On the bridge over the Moscow River moving tanks, followed by people with flags.

Panorama of buildings at Tinkers waterfront; barge on the Moscow River.


August 1991





Transportation; Defense and internal security; Towns and countries; Domestic policy

Scene №2 Meeting August 22, 1991

People in Red Square.

Rally on Manezh Square, dedicated to the victory of democracy.

To the crowd at the rally are: Chairman of the Union "Shield" V.G.Urazhtsev, deputy N.Kutsenko.

Participants of the rally go to Red Square.

Participants in the rally with placards and banners in Red Square - different plans.

Rally participants leave the red area - walk past St.

Basil's Cathedral.


Kucenko N.A. -- People's Deputy of the USSR
Urazhcev V.G. -- publicist, chairman of "The Shield"


August 22, 1991



Towns and countries; Domestic policy

Scene №3 Cabinet meeting 22 August 1991

Highway passing government vehicles (night scene).

A group of journalists and cameramen standing at the road.

Government vehicles, escort vehicles drove up to the Government House, they are met by the defenders of the White House.

In the hall before the meeting talking I.Silaev, Yavlinsky and other deputies.

Boris Yeltsin, R.Hasbulatov, R.G.Abdulatipov and other participants in the meeting stood listening anthem of Russia.

From the platform supports Yeltsin (synchronously).

Listen, applaud the deputies in the hall.

R.Hasbulatov for top table.

The MPs from the floor (synchronously).

From the platform supports the Minister of Defence of the RSFSR K.Kobets (synchronously).

Rally in front of Government House - the people standing under umbrellas, listening to the speakers (inaudible speech G.Hazanova).

In the foyer of the White House sleep journalists.

Government meetings and delivers Yeltsin (synchronously).

For the top table sitting: R.Hasbulatov, R.G.Abdulatipov etc.

Acts I.S.Silaev (synchronously).

Key words

1991 coup


Silaev I.S.
Yavlinskij G.A.
Eljcin B.N.
Hasbulatov R.I.
Abdulatipov R.G.
Kobec K.I.


August 22, 1991



Domestic policy

Scene №4 Yeltsin's speech at the rally

Yeltsin's speech at a rally in front of the defenders of the White House (synchronously - said about the victory of democracy over the reaction, the approval of the national flag of Russia, etc.).

Guards close Yeltsin bulletproof shield.

Next to Boris Yeltsin standing A.Rutskoy, I.Silaev and others.

People shout, "Hooray!" Applauding.

Speakers and I.Silaev R.Hasbulatov.

Rally participants listening, applauding, shouting.

Yeltsin, R.Hasbulatov rally (shot from behind).

At the entrance to the building are armed with automatic weapons by policemen.

Balloon in the sky over the White House.

S.N.Fedorov, R.Hasbulatov, G.H.Popov, Eduard Shevardnadze in the crowd of protesters.


Eljcin B.N.
Ruckoj A.
Silaev I.S.
Hasbulatov R.I.
Popov G.H.
Fedorov S.N.
Shevardnadze E.A.


August 1991





Defense and internal security; Domestic policy