Soviet troops in Afghanistan. (1988 - 1989)

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Scene №1 Soviet troops in Afghanistan

Mountains, landscapes Afghanistan - filmed from a helicopter.

Outpost in the mountains.

Helicopter lands, leave the military.

Armored vehicles and soldiers in positions in the mountain valley.

Shoot guns, mortars (fire attack on the caravan dushmanov).

Roadside shield with the inscription "Warning Zone mining.

Travel and pass just over the road."

Military tents.

Outpost, the soldiers have guns.

Herd of sheep, a shepherd boy looks.

In the Afghan village of Soviet military says civilians, children of booby traps that put the spooks, shows the effect of traps.

APCs travel on the road, the column of military trucks, fuel trucks is along the highway.

Movement of military vehicles, trucks - different plans.

Bagram city - the streets, the local population (Pashtuns), bazaar, camels.

Afghan children are a donkey, standing next to an armored personnel carrier.

Children in the classroom (lessons in the open air in the school yard).

Moving troops from Bagram in Charikar.




The territory of the military unit - is a platoon of soldiers, guards, military equipment, weapons.

Commanders at the headquarters.





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