Soviet Ural Mountains 1963 № 13

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: M. Bogorodickij

Operators: E. Miljkov, S. Sipnevskij, R. Lyaginskov, G. Amirov, K. Duplenskij.


Turbine Plant completes assembly for gas turbine Bukhara-Ural. Sverdlovsk. 2. Preparation for planting on the farm? Homeland. " Perm region. 3. Whole life to treating diseases of the nervous system dedicated professor D.G.Shefer. Sverdlovsk. 4. Aerated concrete plant. Mound. Critical story - waiting in vain housewarming virgin landers 5. Kindergarten and nursery. Ufa. 6. Final 5 Winter Olympics unions. Chelyabinsk. The best time of B. Stenina. In a dispute with V.Steninoy won L.Skoblikova.

Reel №1

Assembly, test turbine in the shop turboremontnogo Ural plant.

Preparation for planting on the farm "Homeland" Perm Region: removal of peat on the field inspecting seed germination.

Harvest cucumbers in a greenhouse ovoschesovhoza Sverdlovsk.

Honored Scientist, neurosurgeon neurosurgery clinic Sverdlovsk DS Schaefer looks radiograph performs surgery.

Critical story about Kurgan plant aerated concrete which does not satisfy the obligations under the production of building materials for the construction of houses Tselinniks Zauralye.

Type the factory shop.


Kindergarten teacher MG Rezyapova working with children.

Former pupils of the kindergarten SA Patahutdinov with his wife Leah Konstantinovnoj meeting with MG Rezyapovoy for 30 years engaged in child rearing.

Final Competition 5th Winter Games speed skating Trade Unions in


Speakers skaters; B. Stenin Skoblikov L., T. Rylova, V. Stenina and others.

Key words

Engineering. Collective farms. State agricultural enterprises. Crop. Health. Construction industry. Pre-school education.