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Producer Novosibirsk newsreel studio

Director: Yu. Saljnikov

Operators: D. Ozolin

Other authors: Zvuk - D. Ovsyannikov. Tekst - L. Braslavskij.

Reel №1

Icebreaker "Leningrad" leads in the ice, the convoy of

Murmansk port of Tiksi.

On the deck of the icebreaker chief mechanic EP Zheltovsky.

Reconnaissance helicopter with a hydrologist on board takes off from the deck of an icebreaker to determine the course of the further way.

Cargo ships, icebound.

Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" is headed caravan cargo ships through the Strait Vilkitski, past Cape Chelyuskin the Northern Sea Route.

Settlement Polar station on Cape Chelyuskin.

Radioman VM Ivanchenko in the radio.

Animals on Polar Station Cape Chelyuskin: bear coming out of the ice grotto, ice walrus dives into the water; Gull with chick sitting on a rock guillemots.

Birds fly.

Post posed S. Chelyuskina 220 years ago; stone sign posed R. Amundsen in the early 20th century.

Monument to the crew, crashed in 1934.

Crashed plane pilot Cherevichny.

AA Kas - former mechanic crew escaped Cherevichny.

Hydrologists, captains prepare mentors pennants, maps with directions safe passage way to the courts.

Plane flies over the deck of an icebreaker; reset pennant and a map.

Icebreaker deploys card.

Mail Delivery by plane to the island Hayes.

Settlement Observatory on Franz Josef Land.

Running radiosonde meteoraket.

Polar village playing soccer.

Moments of the game.

Unloading at the port of Tiksi.

Newsreel: The steamer "Siberians" passes through the Bering Strait; death steamer "Cheliuskin."

Papanin at the North Pole.

Meeting in

Moscow returned from the North Pole papanintsev.

Museum of the Arctic.

Tent with the inscription: "Drifting station NSRA" which Papanin lived at the North Pole.

ID Papanin the museum examines Arctic tent primus.

Meeting of former explorers: MV Vodopiyanov I. D. Kaminski, IP Mazuruk, Cherevichny, ED Fedorov Papanin, ET Krenkel.

Says (synchronously) Arctic geologist NN Urvantsev.

Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

Mining, coal.

Melting metal.

Key words

Maritime transport. Polar expeditions. Mining. Metallurgy. Meteorology. Science. Air transport. Sports. Football. Nature. Catastrophe.