Soviet Ural Mountains № 1 (1964)

Newsreel №2924, 1 part, duration: 0:09:49
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:E. Galjper
Camera operators:G. Amirov, V. Bobilev, S. Gavrilov, V. Kirbizhekov, R. Lyaginskov, O. Rakutjko


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Christmas Ball, Christmas tree lighting. Kicking telegrams. Congratulations to the newspaper. The workers of the work Rally at VGES. Summer school students. Poor conditions in the cinema "October". Sverdlovsk Opera Theatre. On stage Marenych. Night, Christmas tree in the square in 1905

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Caption: "Happy New Year!"

It's midnight on the clock.

New Year's Carnival.

The couple whirls in a waltz.

Christmas lights under the ceiling, Christmas tree.

The girl laughs.


Couples whirling in a waltz.

Christmas tree.

The lights light up the New Year's numbers: "1964".

Christmas tree in the lights.

Dancing couples.

Patterns of lights.

The hands of a telegraph operator.

The work of the telegraph, a narrow control tape of the device.

Greeting cards and telegrams.

The strip of the newspaper "Ural worker".

Congratulatory article.

Panorama of the workshop of the plastics plant, Nizhny Tagil.

Technology workers in white coats.

Technical equipment of the plant.

Workshop for the production of technical resins.

A female technologist lays out rolls of fluoroplast film.

Equipment for the production of fluoroplastic film.

The employee monitors the operation of the equipment.

Conveyor with film.

Male technologist.

The work of technologists in the shop.

Technical equipment.

Production meeting.

The documents are on the table.

Members of the state commission sign an agreement on the creation of a new unit of the Votkinskaya HPP.

The leaders applaud and shake hands.

Greeting poster for builders.

A gathering of people in the shop, a solemn gathering.

Management's speech.

A crowd of construction workers.

Panorama of the shop with turbines.

The wall with the dispatching control of the work of the shop, the technologist takes readings, writes them in the log.

The sign of the Leningrad metal plant "Water Turbine".

Operation of the turbine.

Panorama of the wall with counters.

Counters "Sverdlovsk".

Panorama of the Votkinskaya HPP.

Electric towers.

The school building is surrounded by greenery.

Graduates in white aprons.

Graduate ISIS Yakupova mixes the liquid in the flask.

The classroom of the medical institute, students at their desks.

Isida Yakufova, (4 years later), looks through a microscope.

Students conduct experiments.

The face of ISIS Akulovoy, she makes notes in a notebook.

School graduate Nadia Ross', (classmate of ISIS Akulovoy), at her Desk.

School class of a rural school, includes a math teacher Nadezhda Nikolaevna Rossova, (after 4 years).

Teacher Nadezhda Rossova at the blackboard, gives a task to the class.

Faces of schoolchildren.


Panorama of the class.

On the table is a thick notebook with the inscription "The case of the cinema October".

Ufa city, panorama of the cinema's backyard, ticket window,

The queue at the entrance to the cinema, feet dancing in the snow.

Filing documents.

Cinema "October".

The queue at the entrance, freezing people.

My feet dance in the snow.

The city is covered with snow.

The auditorium of the musical comedy Theater of Sverdlovsk is filled with the audience.

On the stage, the theater troupe, the artists applaud, honor a colleague.

Anniversary of the Honored Artist of the Republic, soloist of the Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy Alexander Mikhailovich Matkovsky.

The performers are seated on the stage.

The hero of the day is hugged by colleagues.

The audience on the balcony.

A. M. Matkovsky surrounded by colleagues, servants of the theater.

The artist is given a medal.

The audience applauds.

Verses of Thomas and Philip from the operetta "Free Wind".

The audience in the hall applauds.

Parking lights.

The tanker of the locomotive depot of the Tyumen station Nadezhda Maklakova, goes down the stairs.

Nadezhda Maklakova communicates with her father-locomotive driver A.M. Maklakov and brother Gennady Maklakov (assistant driver).

Father and son Maklakov sit in the cab of the locomotive.

Gennady Maklakov closes the oven.

The locomotive departs from Tyumen.

A. M. Maklakov in the cab of a diesel locomotive.

Gennady Maklakov.

Panorama of railway tracks, illuminated by marker lights.

Christmas tree on the square of 1905 in Sverdlovsk.

Chimes on the building of the Sverdlovsk City Council, (now the City Hall).

Monument to Lenin on the background of a Christmas tree.

The spire of the City Council with chimes.

Key words

New year, Christmas tree, shop, factory, schoolchildren, artist, railway

Locations: Sverdlovsk Nizhny Tagil Perm Region Izhevsk Ufa Tyumen

Seasons: Winter [823] Snow [834]

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