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USA - Actor Marlon Brando persuades her sister to join his request to transfer the land the Indians. USA - amateur magician show off their tricks. Australia - Darwin City, destroyed by the cyclone "Tracy". Australia - The evacuation of residents of the city of Darwin after Cyclone. Pakistan - The consequences of the earthquake. Rescue operations. Pakistan - The opening of a new textile factory fitted PRC. Belgium - Chronicle 1944 - 1945 years. - Fighting in the Ardennes. Greece - The new president Stasinopoulos and Prime Minister Karamanlis at a cathedral in the New Year's Day. Malta - Football match Germany - Malta. Austria - Snow avalanche in the Austrian Alps. (Died 12 skiers from Germany). Syria (Golan Heights) - Soldiers of the UN force celebrating Christmas. Israeli soldiers arrange a ski resort on Mount Hermon. Saudi Arabia - A large reception at the King Faisal in honor of the Muslim leaders - the pilgrims. Lebanon - Fez - first favorite hat men of the East - is losing its popularity. Singapore - Ice skating - the latest craze in the equatorial Singapore. Thailand - Migration from India to the temple north of Bangkok. Haiti - Ancient rites of shamans. Nicaragua - Managua Report from the day when a group of guerrillas frees hostages after authorities release political prisoners. Ghana - Accra is fast becoming a most "cosmopolitan" city on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea.