Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4115

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Cyprus - Archbishop Makarios, takes the oath of the new cabinet. Cyprus - Greek Cypriot attack on the British and American embassies. Cyprus - The funeral of the young Cypriots - Greek, who was killed during the anti-British speeches. Lebanon - Artillery firing (after Israeli tanks had crossed the border.) South Vietnam - Thieu his funeral after the attacks of Binh Phuoc. South Vietnam - Refugees in the camp. Syria - The visit of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. USA - Thousands of unemployed Chicago Los Angeles to look for work. USA - Demonstration of Indians in Wisconsin. USA - The world's largest exhibition of model railroads and trains. France - Land teachings of U.S. Marines in conditions similar to the conditions in the Middle East. France - Convention of the Communist Party, the performance Zh.Marshe. Feast of the newspaper "L'Humanité". Germany - Chancellor Helmut Schmidt opens the tunnel under the Elbe River, the longest tunnel in Europe. England - Arrivals Chaplin in London. Nigeria - Negotiations British Foreign Secretary Callaghan with General Gowon. Australia (o-in Tasmania) - Tragedy in Habarte - the collapse of the bridge. Australia - Darwin cyclone destroyed after the onset of the rainy season.