Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4324

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England - Collection of the transport union. Ivory Coast - The International Women's Year. Belgium - NATO defense ministers' talks. Lebanon - Consultation of Prime Minister Karami with the leaders of the political groups to form a new cabinet. May 29. Portugal - Demonstration of Socialists on the closure of the newspaper. Lisbon, May 22. Italy - Tests of the current model - a new method of control flooding in Venice. Cameroon - Unity Day parade. Yaounde, May 20. Algeria - Negotiations President Kim Il Sung with Algerian President Boumedienne. Algeria, May 26. Iraq - The meeting of the vice-chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council of Iraq Saddam Hussein, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Sheikh Ahmad. Negotiations on the Gulf. BAGHDAD, May 20. Kenya - Students told a news conference about the kidnapping of his comrades from the camp in the jungle. Uruguay - Census Day. Montevideo, May 21. France - After a bomb explosion in a Swedish tourist center in Paris. France - Speaking at the press conference, Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Paris, May 23. England - Re-enactment of a medieval knight tournament. England - World Karting Championship. Champion - Swede Lennart. U.S. - Vietnamese refugees changed their gold and jewels on the American dollar. USA - Interview of President Ford on the future of Europe and the Middle East. Washington, May 23. USA - Celebrating the 200th anniversary of New York. May 22. USA - Training Air Force Lt. F. Boggs - in diving.