Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4325

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Lebanon, the United Nations - the victims of clashes in the village of Anta Al-Shaab kilometer from the Israeli border. Argentina - President Mary Estella Peron takes a military parade on Independence Day. France - Demonstration at the Paris Air Show aircraft Mirage F-IE (France) and F-16 (U.S.). Paris, June 6. UN - Security Council meeting on the prohibition of arms of South Africa. New York, June 5. Portugal - Opening of the First Constituent Assembly of Portugal. The President K. Gomes stands. Lisbon, June 2, 1975 France - Testing of the new car with the engine from the water and the alcohol produced from beets. South Vietnam - Youth patrols on the streets of liberated Saigon. France - Arrival of President K. Gomes of Portugal to France for an official visit. Paris, June 4, 1975 United Nations - The evacuation of Israeli troops from the area of ​​the Suez Canal on the eve of its opening. Interview with Israeli Defense Minister Peres. South-West Africa - Statement by the Executive Advisor of South West Africa Dirk Majah, in which he states that the constitutional issue can be resolved peacefully. Windhoek, May 30. South Africa - the story of the political situation in South Africa. Materials 1970 - 1975 years.