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France - Spanish Foreign Minister arrives in Paris for talks on economic sotrudnichestve.25 of June. Portugal - Portugal's return of refugees from Angola on fire. Lisbon, June 23. Hungary - Meeting of Prime Ministers of the CMEA. Budapest, June 24. Mexico - United Nations Conference on Women's Rights. Argentina - Demonstration of working automakers against the rising cost of living. Cordoba, June 10. Italy - Pre-election rallies of the Christian Democrats and the Communists. Rome, June 13. Italy - Voting for the regional elections. Rome, 15 June 1975 Italy - Demonstration and rally in Rome in honor of the communist victory in the regional elections. June 17, 1975 India - The massive opposition rallies and supporters of Indira Gandhi after the court verdict on charges of corruption. New Delhi, June 15. India - Speech by Gandhi at a rally of her supporters. New Delhi, June 20 Mozambique - The proclamation of the independent People's Republic of Mozambique. Kang Fumo, 24 - 25 June. Mozambique - A solemn meeting at the airport Marques S. Machel President and Vice-President Marcelino Los Santos. Marques, June 23. Mozambique - A Celebration of the Independence of the People's Republic of Mozambique. Marques, June 22. Syria - The talks with the delegation of the Communist Party of the ruling Baath Party. Damascus, 21 June 1975 Iraq - Symbolic funeral of four Arab Liberation Front guerrillas killed during a raid on Kfar Uvan in northern Israel. BAGHDAD, June 19. Lebanon - The devastation in Nabatieh and Kfar Shuba after the Israeli attack June 15 - 16. UN soldiers in the village. Egypt - Suez Canal in action. June 12, 1975 England - The third day of play at Wimbledon.