Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4364

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Syria - Syrian Orthodox Church requires the restoration of Palestinian rights. Syria - The Prime Minister of Libya Jalloud and the Syrian leadership to discuss the issue of unity of the Arab countries. Damascus, June 16. Iraq - Iraqi leaders talks with Libyan Prime Minister Dzhelludom. BAGHDAD, June 17. Syria - President al-Assad discusses the Palestinian issue with the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat. Damascus, June 15. Egypt - Meeting A. Sadat and President Makarios of Cyprus. Alexandria, June 16. Israel - Israeli Further devaluation of the pound. Tel Aviv, June 18 1975. Bolivia - Trial exploration of uranium and other radioactive materials. England - British scientists have demonstrated factory waste processing and a new method of cleaning the sea from oil pollution. England - A new invention in the field of X-ray medical equipment. Uruguay - The meeting of the presidents of Uruguay and Brazil. The signing of loan agreements and trade. Uruguay, on June 12. China - President Mao Zedong and President of the Gambia Dauda Jawara. Beijing, June 12. France - Paris police demonstration to demand better pay. Paris, June 17. Bangladesh - The nationalization of newspapers and periodicals in the country. Dhaka, June 17. Japan - The funeral of former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato. Tokyo, June 16. Kenya - President Kenyatta with the leaders of movements for the liberation of Angola. Nakuru, Kenya, June 16. Brazil - African killer bees in Brazil.