Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4367

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USA - A small private plane is trying to block the Soviet whaling fleet from hunting in the Pacific Ocean. United States - Anti-red fire killers - ants. Houston. U.S. - Test the latest U.S. ballistic missile. Montana, USA. USA - United maneuvers Army and U.S. Air Force. Texas. USA - Radical new rotatory engine. United States - U.S. air base on the island of the Azores. France - Demonstration of missiles - weapons "Matra 550 - air-to-air." Portugal - Caxias prison - a prison for political prisoners. June 1975 England - Sale of paintings in art salon at fantastic prices. g London. Italy - The strike of employees of hotels and restaurants. Tourists without service. Rome, July 1. Lebanon - Beirut after a day of heavy fighting: destruction. Lebanon - meeting and talks with Prime Minister Karami and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Beirut, July 2. Cyprus - The Turkish authorities have expelled hundreds of Cypriots from their homes in the northern sector of Cyprus. Nicosia, June 30. Nigeria - Gavona General Meeting with the leader of Angola, Agostinho Neto. Lagos, on July 1. Tanzania - Press conference by the two students - former hostages the guerrillas. Kigoma, on June 28. Spec. reporting on airplanes - supersonic and subsonic. 1969 - 1975 years.