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Greece - A meeting of students at the first anniversary of the coup in Cyprus. Athens, July 15. Egypt - The visit of King Khalid of Saudi Arabia to Egypt. India - Speech by Gandhi at the Asian-African meeting in honor of the independence of Mozambique. New Delhi, July 9, 1975 Portugal - The three-day congress of businessmen. Lisbon, July 10. Thailand - Expansion of ties with China after diplomatic recognition. Lebanon - Statement by the General Command of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in connection with the kidnapping of the U.S. Colonel Morgan. Beirut, 9, July 10. England - Statement by the Prime Minister Wilson's announcement of strict government measures due to inflation. London, July 11. Egypt - The Arab-African Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs. Cairo, 10 July 1975. Iraq - Day of Remembrance of the coup of 1958. Present government leaders. Syria - The first visit to Damascus, Foreign Minister of the new Cambodian government. Mali - the first in 10 years to visit Mali Guinean President Sekou Toure.