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Egypt - Negotiations King Khalid of Saudi Arabia with Egypt's President Sadat of the Middle East. Angola - The camp of supporters of right on the beach near the residence of the Governor of Luanda. Luanda, July. India - The project to build a new irrigation system. Greece - A rally on the anniversary of the uprising in Cyprus. Lebanon - Statement by the Phalangist leader Pierre Gemaela to reporters with the prosecution of subversive elements in provoking the fighting in Lebanon. Lebanon - Interview with Ambassador of Jordan to Lebanon. England - Clean the River Thames within London. Canada - The construction of the Olympic complex in Montreal. (Review). USA - Tarantula in the window of a department store as a security guard. USA - Gliders over the national park in California. Angola - Luanda Devastated areas. Cyprus - A meeting in Nicosia on the anniversary of the invasion of Turkish troops. June 18. UN - Peruvian UN troops leave the Golan Heights at the end of the period of stay. Laos - Lao occupation soldiers Patai services in the U.S. in Vientiane. Japan - Goods made of wax and plastic - non-edible products. Portugal - A meeting of socialists. Lisbon, July 19. Portugal - The Church in the ranks of the anti-communist opposition.