Foreign newsreels 1975 № 4409

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Poland - Arrival of U.S. President D. Ford in Warsaw. Meeting at the airport. Finland - Arrival at the meeting of the European security Leonid Brezhnev and D. Ford. Helsinki, July 29. Finland - Speech at the Conference on European Security Leonid Brezhnev and French President Giscard d'Estaing. Helsinki, July 31. Finland - Meeting in Helsinki U.S. President J. Ford and Turkish Prime Minister Demirel. Negotiations on Turkey's arms and closing of U.S. bases. July 31. Portugal - Speech at the stadium before the public head of the Socialist Soares. Figueira, July 27. Portugal - a protest march in the northern Catholic cathedral city of Bragança. July 27. Norway - The world's largest platform-rig for oil produced in Stravangere. July 28, 1975 England - The victims of unrest in the Northern Ireland border near the city of Newry. Italy - Closing (the police cordon) beaches in Genoa due to poisoning. India - The meeting of the Foreign Ministers of India and North Korea. Iraq. - The cultivation of new land in Iraq as a result of a / v Revolution - Overview. Uganda - Ugandan President Amin's speech at the meeting of the leaders of the OAU. Kampala, August 2, 1975 Uganda - The fifth marriage of President Amin. USA - The unrest in Detroit after the murder in the Bar. USA - Preparation for a space flight to Mars. Cape Canaveral, July 1975 USA - Record Reggie Jones in the women's 100m. USA - The new stadium for 80 thousand places in New Orleans.