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Uganda - The meeting of leaders OAE.Mont sheet no. Uganda - The former head of Nigeria Gavon is in favor of the new government. Portugal - The meeting of the General Assembly of the Movement of the Armed Forces. Lisbon, July 8. Portugal - Demonstration in front of the Constituent Assembly, demanding its dissolution and the establishment of the revolutionary government. Lisbon, July 16. Portugal - A meeting of Socialists in the stadium of Oporto. Oporto, July 18, 1975 Rhodesia - training, military training white National Army recruits. Near the city of Salisbury, summer 1975 Finland - Helsinki on the eve of the European Conference on Security and Co-operation. Finland - The meeting of the European Conference. Leonid Brezhnev and J. Ford. July 30, 1975 Finland - Police training for the protection of the delegates arriving at the Helsinki meeting. France - The rally, organized by the General Conference of Labour, with the requirement of work and working conditions. Paris, July 10. France - Meeting of the International Energy Agency. Paris, July 28. Lebanon - The destroyed village in the district of Tyre by Israeli air attacks. July 7, 1975 Greece - The trial of former leaders of the military junta. Athens, July 28, 1975 Nigeria - The story of General Yakubu Gavone, who was removed from his post as head of government during a meeting of the OAU. 1967 - 1975 years. USA - Selling tobacco crop for auction. Florida, July. Argentina - Unrest in Buenos Aires before the start of the Mass in honor of the memory of Eva Peron. July 26, 1975 USA - Brazilian soccer star Pele in Dallas on the field during training and the match.