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Italy - Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Common Market. Ministers refuse to follow the decision of the Social Committee of the UN equating "Zionism" with "racism." Rome, 30.Bereg Ivory - State Secretary of the Minister of Defence of Germany G.Shmidt visited the Ivory Coast. Jordan - Archaeological finds in Jerusalem confirming the destruction of the city Babylonians. Jerusalem, Oct. 29. USA - 56-year-old bank robber surrenders police and releases 4 hostages. Ohio, October 30. Thailand - Cambodia's delegation on a visit to Thailand. Reception of the Prime Minister - Minister of Thailand. BANGKOK, Oct. 30. Kenya - Bookmark construction of the new International Airport, Nairobi. October 28. Bolivia - The funeral of 67 victims of a plane crash. La Paz, October 28. UN - Press conference of the head of delegation of North Korea, after the Political Committee of the UN agreement on the withdrawal of foreign troops from South Korea. October 29. France - Demonstration in Paris, the new racing car. England - The ancient ceremony resumed Sita Corporation of London. Nigeria - Company to fulfill debt dressings in the port of Lagos. October 28. England - Highlights of the national championship in football. Lebanon - Beirut Rich people are leaving the city and relocated to the mountain resorts. Morocco, Zap. Sahara - Morocco's King Hassan II takes part in a march to the Western Sahara. 1961 1975g.g. Thailand - Arrival in Thailand 14 prisoners from Vietnam. October 30. U.S. - Egyptian President A.Sadata during his visit to the United States speaks to the Texan oilmen and then watching the rodeo. Houston, November 1 Sudan - The construction of a conference center in Khartoum, with financial and technical assistance to China. October 30. Turkey - Military parade and celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the republic. Portrait of Kemal Ataturk. Ankara, October 29. England - Annual mileage cars veteran from London to Brighton. England - International motocross. British riders in the lead. November 1 Israel - Israeli families Moving to a new city, built in the Occupied Gaza. October 29.