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United States - Race older vehicles. M / sheet no. East Germany - The International Congress of Women. M / sheet no. Turkey - The Shah of Iran is present at the celebrations in honor of Turkey's 52 anniversary of the republic. England - English athlete Woodward sets a world record in the women's 100 miles. Mexico - Pan - American Games. USA win 27 of 29 gold medals in swimming Mexico City, October 23., October 24. United States - Super bike, equipped with a TV and a stereo tape recorder. Turkey - Demonstration of the Greeks with the prosecution in the murder of two Turkish ambassadors for the week. M / sheet no. England - football. Rangers - Yunaytez 1:0 England - Motor Racing in Brendz hatch. Clash of motorcyclists on the road. October 25. Spain - General Franco's disease. The people and reporters at the palace Franco. Madrid, October 25. Singapore - The opening of the 5th Asian Film Festival. October 28. Morocco - Jordanian delegation arrives in Marrakech to join the march of Morocco to the Spanish Sahara. Marrakech, October 23. France - Common Market bought surplus harvest of apples and destroyed them. Paris, October 29. India - Opening 21 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference. Indira Gandhi stands. New Delhi, October 28. USA - During his visit to the United States, the President of Egypt A.Sadat at a reception at the State Department. There Kissinger. Washington, Oct. 28. Ghana - The conference of the OAU Secretary General of the OAU calls for a cultural revolution in Africa. Accra, Oct. 27. Thailand - Arrival at Thailand Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Ieng Sary, for official talks. BANGKOK, Oct. 28. China - Visiting German Chancellor Schmidt in the PRC.